I need a pink ribbon insert mold

elle110September 29, 2003

Hi Everyone,

Just got done with another very successful show. I made some of the glycerin dipped fall leaves, huge success plus my other items did great. Did I read where you can dip poinsettas as well?

To the point, I am interested in doing a pink ribbon soaf and donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer cause, I would like to do in a loaf so I can do alot at one time. Does anyone know where I can get a tubular pink ribbon mold to insert into loaf?

I still have not found the little balls for the snow globe soaps, checked into the place Hazel suggested but no luck. They have to be out there somewhere.

Well have a good week



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You might try some of the mold companies web pages, for example Milky Way Molds has their own website, and so does Chase Molds. Also, you might try a search on Ebay. I have been able to find unusual things I am looking for on Ebay.

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Not a tubular mold, Michelle, but at least a breast cancer ribbon mold... check the site below for a link. Maybe you could re-think your project if you can't find the mold you have in mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breast Cancer Ribbon Mold

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