I need some help with soy wax please

iheartcandlesSeptember 29, 2008

Hey all! I am brand new here.

My question is this. I really want to make some candles for my family as Christmas gifts. I have been doing a ton of research but can't seem to find any constistancy (sp?) in reviews as far as a good soy wax. Money is tight and I really want to try and get it right without having to throw out too much $$$. I plan on testing my candles before giving them as gifts.

So any thoughts on a good soy wax? My biggest thing is fragrance throw.

Also, any recommendations on good books to read about making candles?

Thank you!

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I have been using Golden Brands Soy wax. It pours well and throws scent nicely. I buy my wax & some of my scents from CandleScience.com. They also sell tabbed wicks & tins. I like their tins, because they have raised feet and an embossed circle in the middle. That is there to help center the wicks. I bought wax, scents and tins from them for the same purpose-giving gifts.

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For the past nine years I've been ordering my candle supplies from Bittercreek Candle Supply (candlesupply.com). They are located in two different states, Northern Wisconsin and Texas. Their prices are in the mid-range but I have found that if you buy cheap, you get cheap!!! I get the EZ Soy wax flakes. Bittercreek has 'everything' you would want to make candles, soaps, anything that can be scented. The last time I was at their site they didn't carry essential oils yet. They've been working on it tho. They are pretty picky on where they get their stuff so they must not have been able to find a good place to get it. If I need help with something, all I have to do is call and anybody that answers the phone will be able to answer your question. The owners are wonderful people.

Just to let you know, I don't work for them and I don't get a kick back for reccommending anyone to them. I have tried so many other candle suppliers and have not been satisfied.

A couple of years after I started making and selling candles, soy wax became available. I quickly switched and fell in love with the soy wax. I'm not cutting down parrafin by no means, I just prefer soy.

Hope this helps Iheartcandles

p.s. i've been in the garden junk forum and thought i'd look around and found all of you at the soap and candle making forum:) :) Candles, my first love. My second love, Junk.

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