The difference in oils?

msalex28aSeptember 10, 2008

Is there a difference in candle fragrance oil than reed diffuser fragrance oil

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Yes. Reed diffuser oil has an additive so it will travel up through the reeds. It's not for making candles.

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I know that part. Your suppose to mix the reed diffuser base with a fragrance oil. I just didn't know if all fragrance oils can be used in the base. I'd like to make my own scents versus buying the already made ones.

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The diffuser oil is the same thing as perfumers oil. You can actually use "Everclear" (the alcohol you drink) in place of diffuser oil. Really, you can use anything that is 95proof or more. Denatured alcohol from the hardware store has the same proof as everclear and perfumers oil but they add the bad smelling stuff to it so you can't drink it.

For my diffusers I use everclear and whatever scent I use for candles. They turn out good for me. When I started making diffusers, I couldn't find diffuser oils so I did a little research. That's why I use everclear. It was the cheapest.


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i thought having alcohol in the reed diffuser base wasn't the greatest?

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You can make your own reed diffuser oil by mixing 1 part fragrance oil with 2 parts DPG, which you can get from candle supply companies. It's an oily, supposedly safe chemical used to dilute fragrance oils & still fix the scents.

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