Palm Wax & Fragrance

jdgray1September 12, 2012

I'm new to candle making and for some crazy reason I decided to jump right into palm wax. I ordered wax from Candlewic along with fragrance. I also ordered fragrance from Peak Candles. I began using 1 oz of fragrance per pound of wax. But I can't seem to get any scent throw at all. The candle smells good unlit, but once I light the candle I don't smell a definitive fragrance. Anyone got any palm wax advice? And should I be experimenting with another wax type?

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Here's what I've discovered about palm wax. Since it has a higher melting point, I had to use a larger wick to get a decent wax pool. I also experienced the lack of scent throw and ended up using about 2 oz per pound. Palm wax makes pretty candles but regular pillar (paraffin) or container (soy) wax might be easier ... especially if you're new to this.

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