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Nardia99August 28, 2001

I am looking for a low carbohydrate bread recipe that I can make in the bread maker. I have tried a lot of recipes but many of them have linseed (flaxseed) which my family don't like much. I like peanut butter in my bread and maybe rice flour. So if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

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It will be most difficult to make a true "low carb" bread in or out of a bread machine.

Flours used to make bread must contain gluten in order for the gluten web to form to trap gasses from fermenting yeasts. "rice flour" does not contain gluten. Rice is not low carb but is also high glycemic (converts to sugar fast).

I had the opportunity for a baking techonologist to provide a low carb bread recipe for me. He sent it in bakers percentages instead of cup and spoon measurements. I asked a professional baker to translate the recipe to cups & spoons. He was gracious and translated the recipe but not in measurments but in percentage of carbohydrates for each ingredinet needed/used in the bread recipe. All ingredients contained 99% or about carbohydrate. He proceeded to tell me how bakeries make low carb bread for the market. They bake a smaller loaf and slice it thinner.

In other words there is no bread that is truly low carb. The professional baker tried for several months to make a low carb bread for the market but by the time enough fillers were added the bread was not fit to eat/had no taste. There are fiber fillers used in commercial bakeries that is not available to the home baker but if you used enough to make a real low carb bread you would not want to eat it.


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