I'd like to see your kitchens~

phoggieFebruary 9, 2012

I am going to look at a condo and it is small, and so is the kitchen...I don't know the exact measurments yet, but I do know it will have white-washed cabinets and bisque appliances. I do not like the looks of the cabinets...so I would like ideas that you have done on a shoe-string.

I really hope I can sell this house....buy this condo "back home" and get on with my life now that my DH passed away on New Year's Eve. I do need to get out of this 4,090 SF house and into something I can afford and keep up by myself.

Thanks friends~

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Phoggie- I'm so sorry to read about your loss. I hope you're able to sell your home quickly.

The cheapest thing I can think of is to paint the cabinets. If you have bisque appliances...what about a combination of almond and sage green or french blue? If you can find a yellow that will work, that would be very cheeful...maybe yellow accents, if nothing else.

Let us know how things go and take care.

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Thanks for the thoughts, lavender....DH's passing was very unexpected and has left me stunned and numb at the present time, but I know reality will hit shortly~~

Your suggestion of a color sounds good IF the appliances are in good shape, but if they are the original to the units, then they were probably put in the 80's or thereabouts...and if that is the case, they probably ready to bite the dust...so that would be another expense and more decisions~~

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Phoggie- When it comes to the appliances, if they have to be replaced...that opens up your kitchen choices. White appliances are usually inexpensive and easy to find...and they go with everything!

You can end up with a beautiful kitchen, without spending a lot of money. White or off white cabinets, nice but inexpensive appliances, a pretty formica countertop (maybe that looks like granite, without the maintenance) and some wonderful accessories!

The other advantage to a smaller kitchen is that there's a lot less work to fix it up...and less work to maintain and clean it! :)

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oh phoggie, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dh! I've been wondering how things were going for you - but this is a shock. That's a lot more to deal with now!

take pics of the kitchen and measurements for us to check out and give you ideas. You need out of that big house more than ever now! You can often get floor sample appliances or scratch 'n dent ones at some stores. Some gwr's have gotten those with the scratch/dent on the side where it isn't even seen anyway - but you save a bundle!

Blessings for you in this new segment of your life. We're sure glad to have you here on SH forum with us!

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desertsteph and lavender~~

You both are so sweet for your kindnes and encouragement....thanks so much. I too, am glad I found SH...you are such a friendly group of posters..who I now call my "friends".

Both of you had great ideas....scratch and dent is a wonderful idea...I didn't even think of that....but I'll remember this~~

Lavender, I do love white kitchens, but I don't have a clue to what it might cost to have them painted...I know it is quite a job and I am not able to do it myself anymore...I also like the creamy yellow and sage, but what color would I paint the walls?...I know the woodwork is white, floor is tile, but I don't know what color.

I was even thinking this way....(although I don't care of the white-washed), would black appliances look at all good in there?...I know white wouldn't....I don't care for SS...and the bisque has to be special ordered anymore...and hard to find. Some of the ORB fixtures and pulls are so dark that they almost look black....some type of black laminate (or is that getting too much black?)

Some of the laminates in HD etc. look kind of like granite...maybe I could use one with a creme/black/brown or something. I am so anxious to really see it...it may not be anything I would like, but right now I am buying "location", which is near family and friends...instead of being 120 miles away from everyone. I moved here when I married DH 11 years ago, so this town is NOT home and I have always hated it here~~~ So help me pray for an offer I can accept and that no one buys the condo before this house sells....thanks and hugs,

Mary (Phoggie)

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My thoughts are with you at this challenging time. I think it is great that you will be moving close to family and friends. But, with all the real estate out there, do you think if you gave yourself more time, you can get something with a bit less work?
Can you sell your house first and maybe live with family or possibly rent an apartment or condo?
I would hate for you to rush into something only to find out later there were other options that were better suited for you.
In this real estate market, it is easier to buy something than it is to sell, so your next move should be for the long haul.

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Aw Mary I am so sorry for the loss of your DH. for sure sending good thoughts and prayers all will work out well for you in a hurry so you can get your life back together. I can totally understand your wanting to move closer to family when you have no attachments to the house and area you are in now. 120 is a long way to travel to have tea and a chat.

I do believe if this condo you are interested in sells before your house sells it will be because there is some thing better on the horizon for you.

We bought scratch and dent appliances once and it saved close to half. No one ever noticed as Steph said the dents were on the sides and the sides never showed. I certainly was not going to drag the appliance out to show some one.

We need to do some painting here on the outside this summer. I am having a really hard time deciding. Leaning towards black and white as we both like that combination. Looks crisp and clean. I had black appliances once and not a fan. they were always looking smudged. They came with the house.
You can always just buy new drawer fronts and doors for an update in your kitchen and then painting the styles is not all that much to do. I would not think it would cost much to hire some one.

In our area we now have two young men always looking for jobs and are reasonable to hire. I will be putting them to work this summer when I get ready to paint in the house again. I usually did all the painting. I just do not know if I can do it now with my health.

So glad you have come over to the SH board.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

phoggie, I left you a link to my kitchen on your Kitchens Forum thread, but I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your husband. I lost my husband suddenly, in Oct. 2010--I know the dark, desperate, early days very well, and how hard the grief can hit, at any time. The folks here in SH were wonderful, providing support and encouragement for my spirit, as well as for my kitchen project. Sending you virtual hugs, and saying a prayer that you find peace.

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Phoggie, so VERY sorry to learn of your loss. We corresponded a bit a while back. I'm the OP lady who likes 'purple' vs your 'red and blue.' It sounds like you are looking to head in this direction?

I agree with ellen and shades... please take your time! I have many widow friends, and know from their experiences the importance of NOT jumping into decisions. If you are looking in JOCO, there are many, many condo options. I assume DG and WY Co are the same.

As for cabinets, if you like the condo in question, you could move in and have the cabinets re-faced in any color/finish you choose. While not inexpensive, it requires little disruption. Even HD offers this option. You get new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and the exposed cabinet sides and facings are covered with a very thin veneer. The interiors remain unchanged, but could be painted.

A temporary move to an apartment, while sorting out your options, should be considered. Extra furniture/household items could be placed in a storage facility for a few months... at not that much expense. And family members should be called upon to help. This is a difficult time for you... allow yourself to lean on your loved ones.

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I just want to say that I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I wish you all the best in your coming journey.

As for the cabinets, I wonder if you can find a handyman ( or woman!) to paint them for you? You really wouldn't need a professional painter...we have just painted our new cabinets ourselves and we are no professionals. :) We used Benjamin Moore's new Advance paint (on advice from our local and very reputable paint shop).. which went on so easily and is supposed to have a fantastic, durable finish.

My mother-in-law also re-stained our pink-ish, pickled cabinets for us a few houses back and she had no DIY experience whatsoever. They actually turned out really great! And they would have been even easier to do had we just wanted to paint them. I would imagine a handy-person would charge much less than a professional painter.

All my best.

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Ok kitykat....I do remember chatting with you before...and you being that "purple" lover....can't wait until the 13th's game...it should be a good one.....so I'll be saying my Rock Chalks~~

Thanks to everyone for their kind words of sympathy and encouragement....they are needed and appreciated.

I don't feel this is a "sudden move" because DH and I had bought a lot, on the very lake where this condo is, well over 4 years ago and he had drawn plans (he was an architect) for our home there...but by the time he got his business closed down and we put this house on the market, it had already taken a nose-dive. Just on the way to take him to the hospital he was talking about selling this house, moving to our little chosen town, getting a new vehicle and taking 5 trips that he wanted to do while we still could.....well, little did we know that the last trip he would take would be then.

I don't think many know that there just aren't that many places in this little town of 3,000 to rent and this unit is the ONLY condos in town....so it isn't like there is an abundance of choices...and no better location in town~~it is beautiful there...so I would buying "location" as much as a condo unit. Although I have not seen this unit, I have seen two others and they are kept up nicely...mostly widowed people in the other three...and they have been doctors, etc. This unit is owned by a former banker, who moved to Arizona.

Kitykat..Coffey County is where I want to be...that is "home" and so many friends and family there...I don't plan to move to JO...although my daughter lives there. I want a more "relaxed" life and even if I moved there, she and her family are the only ones I know and they work...and besides...who knows, by the time I move there, her DH would get transfered and then I would be alone again. My son and wife live in CC and they bought a house just across the street from where this condo is at.

hlove~~ How many steps did you do when you painted your cabinets? If it wasn't for this arthritis, I think I could paint them, but not the way it is acting now~~but then stress always makes it worse.

Hugs to all of you wonderful friends.
Phoggie (Mary)

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well, since you do know the area and they know the area and that's it for sale now - you do need to check it out right away!

Can they look and send (email) you pics and room sizes? Is the price reasonable for the area? Can you put the land up for sale also?

I don't think you should buy it sight unseen tho - make plans to go there asap - once you see a few pics and room sizes and it looks like it'll work for you.

Maybe your ds and dil know someone who could do the painting and other 'handyman' type things you might need done.

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Phoggie, I just read this thread, and I am so very sorry for your loss. It is a difficult thing to get accustomed to living alone, even in the same community, and you are right to avoid a move to a different town with so many uncertainties.

A friend of mine who lost her husband moved to Arizona because a friend of hers lived there. Don't you know, that friend moved on, and now she has no one in that big hi-rise that she knows, she has osteoporosis and breaks ribs if she sneezes, and I really feel sorry for her. If she'd stayed in her old community near Boston, she would not be lonely in her declining years, and she'd feel comfortable with her lifelong banking/shopping/doctors/etc.

Like Steph says, get on the road NOW and take a look at that condo. It will give you a chance to "feel" the place, and reassure yourself that it is the place you wish to be.

My condolences, and hopes for a revitalization this spring.

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Phoggie- My advice would be to get what YOU want. This is your chance to have a color or style that you love...even if it's a little different. Do you want a pink floral material, in the kitchen? Do you want to paint the walls soft yellow and have lots of plants? Have you ever 'dreamed' of a certain look/color in your home and never really tried it?

Stick to things that are easy to change (material, paint, rugs) but do something you love to see, every day. What do you want to see, as you walk in the kitchen? Do you want fuzzy pink rugs in the bathroom? Then do it! My mom has had a wonderful time decorating for only her tastes and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

I know it's difficult right now...but you will sell your house and you will get a beautiful condo on the lake. It's your dream and you will make it a reality. Even if you can't change the big items right away, have fun with the small stuff and get accessories that make you smile. You're a lovely person...and you deserve to smile :)

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Lavender....thanks for your inspiration.... I am "trying" to put this all in God's hands and trust that He will send me a buyer for this house, if I like the condo.

I am taking a contractor with me on Thursday to look at the condo....he can sketch out the room sizes and give me an estimate on how much it would cost to do some of the things that I want done. I won't be able to use him because it would not be fesible for him to try to work 120 miles away from here.....but at least, I'd have an idea.

I have put this in God's hands because I am driving myself nuts by worrying and not being able to sleep thinking about it...so if it is meant for me to move back home, it will happen and if not, then I'll try to be content staying here. He had His reason for not letting this house sell sooner...He knew my DH was not going to live long enough for us to enjoy it and the house we would have built would have been more than I could handle...both physically and financially.....so I am at peace for now...or at least, trying my darnest to be~~

I see so many things that I like....maybe that is why I can not decide on a special style...I like white cabinets, but also the richness of cherry...I like white appliances, but like the look (but not the up-keep) of stainless...and I have to keep thinking that my kids will have to sell whatever I have in a few years, so I need to think resale also.

Too many decisions right now when my mind is racing in so many different directions......God help me~~

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Phoggie- First, deep breath...everyone gets overwhelmed by the amazing amount of choices in kitchens, these days. Your kids will not have any problem selling this condo (many years from now) since it's on a lake. I mean, you want to buy it and the kitchen needs work.

So, quit worrying about all those other things, close your eyes, relax and think about what you would enjoy seeing, as you come into the kitchen each morning. Do you want a light, bright, cheerful space? Do you have many windows? Do you have a view of the lake?

Without a lot of light (or an investment in lighting) I'd recommend white or light yellow cabinets, white appliances and a light countertop. Dark countertops are so sleek (as are stainless steel appliances) but they also can suck all the light out of a small space (depending again, on your lighting). Same thing with cherry.

Now, that's not to say that you can't add under cabinet lighting, some nice fixtures and maybe some can lights and have a darker kitchen...but a white kitchen can still be cheerful, with one overhead light, a light over the stove and a big window. I know, we grew up in those types of kitchens :)

So, don't worry about everyone else, just think about what makes you happy and what would be fun to spend time in. Hope that helps!

Oh, and some possiblities... From Kitchen plans From Kitchen plans From Kitchen plans From Kitchen plans From Kitchen plans

I know your kitchen is smaller than these, but maybe it will help you focus on what you really like. Take care :)

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"I have put this in God's hands because I am driving myself nuts by worrying and not being able to sleep thinking about it."

that's the best place for it - you do what you can and let Him do what you can't do! for this I'll join you in prayer.
He can see the future that we can't see - things do work together for those who love Him - even if we don't see it at the time.

LL gives lots of good ideas. a dark countertop / stove top also show the dust more - continually. I'm choosing things that will also be easy to clean (and use). In my 60'w now and disabled I need to really think those things out and go in that direction - even tho sometimes it isn't what I'd choose if I were a bit younger and healthier! I have to live in reality. Any change of faucet means a single handle one - with little detail on the faucet. Same with pulls on cabinets - a deep projection, as wide as can get (5" is good) and little to none in detail work on them. no sharp ends either.

I would go light on things - this place sounds like it's in a place with change of seasons - like winter and little sunlight? Cabinets that are a light grey/blue, a sage type green or even a yellow will add color and still keep it light - and go nicely with white appliances. I don't like SS myself - too industrial looking for me.

you can use some cherry wood/stain in a bathroom vanity maybe? or a hutch if there's room. You can put some in your new place to satisfy your love for it also.

you probably won't want it heavy / dark or dreary looking especially in the winter.

and do take advantage of not having to compromise with someone else on the decorating style/colors etc. My sister does envy that I don't need to do that - lol! OTOH, she has more money and less stress because she does have a dh who works - and does most of the housework and all of the cooking. I sometimes envy that. So, it's a give and take thru out life on most things.

As for when your kids will need to sell the new place - don't worry about it! It most likely will be a looong time down the road. Styles/trends/colors etc will have all changed by then anyway. Anyone buying it 10 or so yrs down the road will want to update it all no matter what you put in it now. They'll have their own choices then - until then you enjoy your choices!

The way I look at it, when I'm dead and gone if my kids don't get as much out of my place as they'd like - that's their problem. I'll be resting easy where it really matters and won't lose 1 second of sleep over it. They might tho - lol!

What I DO plan to do for that 'time' in THEIR lives is to sort thru/clean out/mark/document etc everything I can (that I plan to keep). I plan to make a photo album of what came from which side of the family (not much from my side). I did inherit a LOT from my Xs mother when she died - she had inherited from both her mother and her MIL. Beautiful things. A lot of family history docs etc. They'll be put in a box/bin and 'closeted' with the kids names on it. I'm also thinking that a few yrs down the road I might box up some of it and ship off to my youngest son (he's interested in the family history). These are things I can putter around and do - AFTER I get settled in and do it on days that I'm feeling up to it (and a few hrs at a time so I don't tire). Here the time for this stuff is in the summer when it's too hot to be outside doing anything. and all the old westerns on tv are reruns... lol!

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We did 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. The paint was very forgiving and leveled itself out very well. There was a lot of drying time necessary between coats with this particular product, so although it prolongs the project, maybe it would give you enough of a break in between?

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Phoggie, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I think you are probably right to sell your big house and get into a condo, this condo if it works out. You are probably right about the age of the appliances, but if they haven't been used roughly, they will probably hang in there for a while yet. My advice would be to get the condo, and live with it for awhile before making any more decisions. They say not to make any decisions for the first year after losing a spouse, but I realize that moving is one that needs to be made, and has been in the works for some time, so it's not really like a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Once you have lived in the place awhile, you might find that your ideas about what you want or need have changed, and you can live with the place with the changes you have in mind and fine tune them.

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phoggie you had asked about painting "washed" pink cabinets in the kitchen forum. I posted photos of my condo kitchen there for you: I had mine painted white and they turned out just great. The painted used oil based Satin Impervo.

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Dear Phoggie ~ I've not been in here in quite some time, so we've not met, but I want to say I'm also deeply sorry for the loss of your DH.

Please don't do anything drastic right away. Our aunt who is in her mid 80's made a couple of decisions she shouldn't have a few months after our uncle passed away and she is sorry for those decisions, and lost $ too.

You are doing the right thing by trusting in God's care for you. He knows all that you are going through and loves you deeply.

May all things work out well for you.


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Thanks everyone for your kind words and good thoughts~
I did go to see the condo on the lake yesterday....and it was indeed small...but it was not the size that bothered me. It had so many windows and doors that I don't know how I would arrange furniture...but the gal that is living there now said that it is cold and drafty!!!! I can not figure out why...it is only 10 years old...unless it is all of the windows, sliding door, and vaulted ceilings.

Now, when she said that, I am leary.....I HATE to be cold! I am going to call another member of that condo and see if they have any problems with the heat....maybe a new furnace is needed or low gas pressure. She said she has to use space heater to keep warm! Otherwise, I think I could have made it work.

The cabinets aren't "too bad"...they are in great shape...but they are a maple, with an oatmeal stain and brown glaze. I'd have to do quite a bit of bringing the condo up to date....there is carpet in the master bath !!...and I need a walk-in shower in there instead of a soaking tub...my old knees just won't bend anymore.

In the LR, the fireplace is on one wall and the TV is on the opposite wall~~~strange~~ I am even thinking that the room is so small that I would take out that fireplace (gas and there is hardly any flame), and put in an entertainment center instead. Maybe it is around that fireplace that all of the cold air is coming in...plus put some insulated drapes on those windows..which are thermo windows and look in good shape...wood clad.

BUT, oh my gosh, that lake view is spectacular!!! I just love it there. I'll give it some more thought...not counting it out yet, but I'd be buying location (and paying dearly for it!) rather than size.

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Definitely need some drapes! It amazes me how many people don't want anything on their windows and then complain about the cold. I wonder if there are breezes coming off the lake, which makes it colder, too. Taking out the fireplace, replacing the tub with shower and taking out the carpet in the bathroom are all good ideas.

The cabinets sound interesting. Do you have any pictures? What type/color are the countertops? What about the floor? Usually any brown can work, even one that starts out with oatmeal and brown glaze...if you can pick the right accent colors. Maybe paint the walls a soft yellow/green? Add some blue accents to pick up the lake and also some yellow...to warm everything up. That's such a cheerful combination.

Maybe even soft leaf green walls in the kitchen and light yellow in the living room? Then you could add the blue in the summer and warmer tones in the fall/winter. Okay, I think I'm starting to describe my mom's house...which is very cheerful, very warm and always changes with the seasons :)

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'so many windows and doors'

while that's good for the view, sunlight etc, it isn't good for keeping the inside warm in the winter - and cool in the summer (depending on where it is; seems to be in a place w/ cold winters).

Was there a ceiling fan in the room w/ the vaulted ceiling? heat rises - a ceiling fan on reverse will push the warm air back down into the living space.

heavy insulated drapes... when I married (around '70) our house was new (an AFrame) with sliding doors across the front - and across the back. Beautiful views. the back and one side overlooked a slight canyon (30'drop) and a creek (wooded area). The front was also wooded and you couldn't see the neighbors tho they were within a few acres of us.

We couldn't leave the sliders bare tho because it was way too cold in there (IN). I bought those (old time) heavy insulated drapes (pinch pleated from Wards). The fabric looked somewhat like a tweed. orange/grn in the LR and gold in the Kit. We even had to keep them closed most of the time in the winter (and there were no other windows on the main floor). dark, dreary, depressing. So sad for such a beautiful place. i don't think the insulation was very good in it either - even tho it was new. We found many short cuts the builder took that first yr.

double check the windows and doors - ask for documentation on them. call the mfg if you have to. check insulation around the doors.

will the heat/electric/gas company come out and do a heat loss test on it? That would show you where it's coming from (or going to!)

what's the sq ftage of it? one level or 2?

do change out that tub! that's been one of my biggest problems here - climbing over that tub ledge. my new place has a separate shower - that just thrills me!

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It might be all of those windows and sliding door, but those views are what makes the place so valuable to me...beautiful~~
I checked with the builder (who lives in another condo on the lake) and he said that he has no problems feeling cold and the windows are thermo-paned. I wonder if the owner would do a heat loss test...that would be so good to know. The furnace is orgininal (2000), so don't know it that needs to be replaced. He can't figure out what the drafts might be coming from....but I hate to be cold!

It is 1200 SF and one level. Coming from over 4,000 SF, it seems so tiny. There is only 33" for a frig. and I am used to having a large frig with water/ice in the door and I don't think any is available that small. There is no ceiling fan...they just put up a terrible looking light fixture, so I think maybe they took one out of there.

There is a 36" walk-in shower in the guest bathroom, but I don't think many older folk use a tub anymore....so will probably just take out the tub in the master.

I do think I can work with the cabinets...they are in good shape.

Since my son and wife live just across the street, my DIL said she would go over and check it out and give me her opinion. She knows the gal living there, so maybe she can get more out of her than I did.

Oh well, with my luck it will be gone before this sells....then I am back to square one~~

desertsteph, are you moving to another place? How big is it?

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maybe your DIL can get the girl in there now to put out a thermometer and take a few readings in various rooms thru out the day - and give w/ where she had the thermostat set at???
Ask if you can see her heat (and electric if heat is different) bills for the past 12 months. Does the electric co. there send you your usage in graph form? ours does. I get it in an email with my bill each month.

see if you can put a ceiling fan in there - they really help. most people in the phx area use them. I have 5 in my new place.

have you checked online for fridges? look on best buy, sears sites - and the ge site. See what's available. my fridge is much less than 33" wide and is plenty big enough for me. I don't have ice hook up tho. didn't want it - don't want regular water for my ice. I use filtered water in trays. my water here is trucked to me and put in a storage tank on my land tho.

1200 sq ft is a good amount for 1 person I think. coming from 4000 tho would be a huge change! but much less for you to clean, pay for, heat/cool etc.

I'm moving to about 1400 sq ft. in about 700 now. so I'll double my space. I have a lot of 'stuff' tho. here most things are just stacked on top of each other. can never find anything. had to teach my dog to walk single file with me - and how to walk backwards. She did good! I'd much rather tho that she had more space to move around (me too. and the puppy; can't image the pup in the space I'm in now!)

the new place has (will have) 3 bdrooms, a tv room (the 4th bdrm), LR/DR combo, kit, laundry and 2 baths. I won't know what to do with myself with closets, cabinets, linen storage etc. I'll be thrilled! a place to put things where I might even be able to find them again. And pup won't swish things over with the swing of her tail (as my old girl has done over the yrs). i'll have more than 4' of counter space in the kitchen (2 of those 4' are sink here and 1 is my counter oven). yep. I'm looking forward to doubling my space! I also need more room in case of need of a walker. yrs back when I broke my knee cap it was really difficult in here - I couldn't use one - or even a crutch.

I don't use a tub anymore (I haven't for many decades). I wouldn't trust myself in one now that I live alone. I can fall asleep in a snap! and slip just as quickly! a shower is easier to wash a dog also. mine get showers outside now tho - with the hose!

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desertsteph, your "new" house sounds like something I would rather have...those 200 SF really makes a difference.
Wow, you will have 3 bd, tv rm., a place for a dining room, laundry AND 2 bath....sounds like a great place to live. I hope you will be so happy there. When do you make the big move? I am looking forward to seeing pics when you get to your new luxurious home~~

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thx phoogie! I hope I'll be happy there. I know I'll like having 3' of continuous counter top space. That'll sure beat 'cooking' on that little strip that runs along the front of the sink... and it has heat and a/c. Here I only have a window a/c in my bdroom and spend my summers in there - too hot in the rest of the place. I'll feel like I've been let outa prison - lol! It's a rather plain place but those things will make it seem luxurious to me!

It still needs a lot of work (like floors!) but I spect sooner or later it'll get done.

I've been trying to move for about 2 yrs now. I'm slow - and there's been a few setbacks. I have to be living in there by June (the triple digit temps start) - don't plan to be in here for another summer. Once the heat hits that'd be it til late next Oct!

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Oh you will enjoy your luxury! I sounds like you live in a hot place also....in KS it gets very hot in the summer and cold in the winters...but thankfully, this winter has been mild, but I have seen alot of snow/ice in March, so we are not out of the woods yet.

I have another house showing tomorrow on this house...fourth time they have been here...you'd think they would have it memorized by now, but I don't think they want to turn loose of their money. He is a car salesman, so you know how they like to jew down the prices LOL.

That condo is small...but I can't believe it is cold/drafty. I have asked the daughter who is actually in charge of the unit if she will send me copies of utility bills and she said she would.

I think it is because of all the windows and sliding doors and thermo drapes would help so much (or at least, in my opinion). There are things I like (the beautiful view of the lake and across the street from my son), and things I don't like as well i.e. I would want to remove the tub and put in a walk-in shower, take out the carpet in bathroom and put down tile, replace the entire carpet, etc., but heck, it is now just me, I am also disabled (arthritis throughout my body), 70 years old, so I don't need all of this "stuff" anymore.

I really don't want the TV over the fireplace, but I'll just get me a recliner and push it back a bit to watch it...otherwise, it is hard on my neck....but that is the logical place to put it and the fireplace is gas and would come in handy if the electricity would go off.

Keep in touch...you sound like my kind of gal ~~
Mary (Phoggie)

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their 4th viewing? golly, they must be really interested to see it that many times! hold tight on the price - they want it bad enough to pay a good price for it!

glad you're getting the utility bills to check over. You're right about that gas FP - with an ice storm or what have you it'll provide some heat for you.

fix it up the way you want it if you can afford it - make it what you enjoy and is safe for you. ya can't take the $ with you anyway. Same with 'stuff' - maybe your ds/dil would like a few treasures in advance? friends who've admired something you have? I've done that - my sister really liked a small oriental jade tree i had. it was maybe 7" tall with little 'jade' pieces on the tree for leaves. maybe it was one of those ginko trees (she loves those) - she liked it, so I just gave it to her (was my mils). Of course, I told her if it turned out to be some Asian treasure worth millions she'd have to split it with me - lol! More and more I've been doing that - to some friends, my kids etc. I figure it's better to give it while I'm here and can know they want it and appreciate it and they can have more yrs of enjoying it. A friend of mine got a trunk load of Franciscanware Apple dishes, a bunch of silver serving pieces and very, very old baskets (late 1800's? maybe). She was younger with a family and loved to entertain - she'll get use out of those things.

keep us posted on the condo - and sale of your big house.

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Phoggie, sorry but I am a bit offened by your "jew down" staement :(

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Ellendi- Me, too. I doubt Phoggie meant it to be offensive, but 'to get the price down' would be a better way to say it. The beauty of the forums is that we can all interact, no matter what our backgrounds and beliefs may be...since we all share the love of gardening, decorating, planning our spaces, etc.

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Thanks Lav- I was going to let it go, but it kept bothering me and I thought that Phoggie would want to know.I realize that we can all become very comfortable here but we still need to realize that this is an open forum.

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'I doubt Phoggie meant it to be offensive, but 'to get the price down' would be a better way to say it.'

it's an old saying - long before things got so PC. I'm sure she didn't know. It (like other things) was just part of how we talked yrs back.

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btw, I've never taken that as offensive. It was more a credit to the good bz knowledge of the Jewish people. They knew how to get a bargain, get the most for their money etc.

that's something to be admired.

How many of us attempt to be like that? in our treks to 2nd hand stores, GW, the restore etc. We just love a bargain!

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Thanks desertsteph:)

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OH MY GOSH, Ellendi and Lavender......I am SOOO sorry if you were offended by my statement...because believe me, there was nothing meant to hurt anyone...it was just an "old saying" that I had heard for more years than I can remember......yes, "get the price down" would have been much better way to put it, but in my "foggy" mind right now, I didn't give it a second thought...but again, I am terribly sorry :-(....and sending you hugs (((O)))
Phoggie (Mary)

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Phoggie- I thought that was the case. It is an 'old saying' and I know some people use it, without really thinking about it or meaning anything negative by it. We're always learning and growing, so don't give it another thought. Part of being friends on the forum is to give each other a gentle reminder, when necessary :)

Much like Shades does to me, when my house plan get too big!

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I was going to say 'house plans get too big'...but I'm finally down to one plan...I hope. Now, I just need to finish the cleaning and sorting. Not nearly as much fun as the planning, though!

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Phoggie, thanks and you too lavender lass.

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"I just need to finish the cleaning and sorting. Not nearly as much fun as the planning"

boy, ain't that the truth! I need a 'fairy godsomebody' to come do that for me!

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Phoggie ~ I am really sorry for your loss. May downsizing and simplifying bring you some peace and tranquility. The lake view sounds beautiful and how nice it may be to live in close proximity to your son and his family. I'll pray that things work out wonderfully for you!

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Thanks, Pay it forward and all of the rest of you who have offered prayers in my behalf through this very trying time in my life~~ Can't ever get too many prayers~

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sorry for your loss and all the extra stress of moving, buying appliances and decorating to make your new home warm and comfortable. I hope the beautiful sun rising over the glistening lake will make you smile. Your husband will be happy to see that you are continuing the plans you had together.

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I hope this all works out for you. While things inside a home can be tweeked-cabinets painted, flooring and tub changed out, etc location can't. It sounds as if the esthetics of looking out at the water and nature (rather than someone's backdeck) will give you great daily pleasure.

Being so close to your family will make for easy, casual interaction. You can help them and they can help you (and this may become more important in a few years).

And, this is your town so you know many people and will be able to have a life of your own, also.

Sounds like it may be worth some renovation (and investment in good closet organizers, lol) as long as the basic structure is sound and the condo association also sound.

Hopefully, this will be "the one" and will work. If not, ask around to find out if any new senior housing is planned for the area. So many people are getting a bit older, but wanting independent living, that developers and non-profits have begun to build more over 55 condos and twin homes. New construction should be cozy and energy efficient due to recent building code requirements.


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One thing to check is the overhead of the condo, for insulation. It might not be very good. I believe in the expanding spray foam which they are now spraying beneath the roof, especially in residences with the heat and a/c in the attics. And, if you also have a basement, well, I'm not sure how to deal with them, I've never dealt with homes in really cold climates.

However, putting a fireproof glass door on the fireplace might make sure the chimney doesn't draw your heated air up the flue. The present resident in the condo might not know about the damper needing to be closed.

They have these gages they use, like heat sensors, or cold sensors, maybe infrared? that they use now to detect hot spots in summer where there is no insulation, as well as cold spots in winter where there is no insulation. If the power cost in that condo are different by much from the power costs in nearby similar condos, then something is terribly wrong. I'd be thinking that the tall ceilings have some windows up high that need recaulking. Sometimes simple things like insulating around electrical outlets on exterior walls, etc, can make a big difference. For just a little cost, they sell those closed cell foam liners for your power receptacles. And my DH went up in our attic and discovered that two of the a/c ducts were not fully wrapped, and it has helped a lot to lower the electrical bill here.

Phoggie, I feel for you, because I know it is a difficult thing to make the decisions alone, after all the years the two of you consulted and you came to rely on his expertise in the building trades. But, you can do it. Your DH is not that far away, and I'm sure God has made him your guardian angel. What is the quote: "Be still and know that I am with you." Listen. And look for the signs.

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