RECIPE: recipe: recipe: ewww!!! hunza!

MarneyAugust 21, 2001

Has anyone actually made this stuff? I have, and let me tell you it was DISGUSTING!!! I used all the ingredients as listed and it was BAD!! I ended up throwing it all out. I used buckwheat flour, and dark mollasses. I remade it last night and tried it with millet instead of buckwheat it was marginaly better, this stuff you can actually sort of choke it back. This whole experience has set me back a good 50 bucks. Has anyone else tried this stuff and what's your take on it!TIA

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Well, I make it with half millet and half buckwheat, and I like it pretty well. $50????? Where in the world are you shopping????? My total for the ingredient list came to just over $17, and that was at a supposedly very expensive health food store. I thought $17 ws a lot to pay for bread, but I haven't had to buy any more supplies yet, so I guess it is not that much. I've made 3 batches so far. I like heavy dark breads, so I think it is OK. Not wonderful, but OK. The friend who gave me the recipe likes it a lot. Most of the other people I know who are trying it like it to some degree. Maybe you have to be a "nuts and berries" type of person like me, to appreciate it. LOL!

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My friend and I Split the cost and are doing it together. The first piece I ate was not very good. The more you eat the better it is. I still don't think that it is the best in the world but it does what it is suppose to and and am losing the inches and pounds.

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I just read an article written by a POW who was in a German POW camp. He describes a blackish bread that was the staple of their diet. He describes it as being terrible. I think that it may have been Hunza, or something close to it. This bread is very sustaining if you've tried it, which is what one would want. It's vile! Has anyone made it yet? I've given up. My dog won't touch it either!

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The $7/$20 recipes for "Hunza Diet Bread" are also word for word the same as a camping bread some neighbors make. It is called Logan Bread, because it was developed by some company in Logan, Utah (or so the story goes).

Names mean nothing. I think it is called "Hunza" because it sounds healthy. Most of the ingredients have nothing to do with the Hunza people, only the millet and the water would be something they would have. I believe the Logan bread story more than I do the Hunza story.

I kind of like the stuff, though. So does my nutritionist, who called the other day to tell me she'd made a batch, and liked it a lot. Each to their own taste. ;-)

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I recived an e-mail about the hunza diet bread, and I thought that I might try it, but then I went out of town and was unable to get the recipe so I was trying to find the recipe. I live in Taylorsville UT, but I've never heard of the Logan Bread. If you can help me find the recipe I would thank you.

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This is the Logan Bread recipe my neighbors use. OK, it is not EXACTLY the same, but since it is several years old, I think the Hunza Bread people tweaked it some, and claimed it for their own. I typed in the introduction just as is on the recipe from my neighbors.
Logan Bread:

Logan Bread is a delicious, DENSE, chewy Bread that's VERY NUTRITIOUS and is ALMOST IMPERVIOUS to SPOILAGE! This makes a huge batch of sixty 2-inch squares, HIGH in Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals. Keeps weeks at Room Temperature, EVEN LONGER in the Fridge and INDEFINITELY in the Freezer. The Recipe for this WONDERFUL Bread is as follows -

*4 lbs. (14 1/2 cups) Whole Wheat/Kamut or Spelt Flour
*1 1/2 cups Sucanat (dehydrated Cane Juice)
*1/2 cup Instant Dry (or Soy) Milk
*1 tsp. Sea Salt
*2 tsp. Rumford's (Non-Aluminum) Baking Powder
*1 tsp. Cinnamon
*1 tsp. ground Nutmeg
*1 cup chopped Nuts (see below)
*4 cups PURE Water
*1 1/4 cups Honey
*1 1/2 cups Blackstrap Molasses
*1 1/4 cup Sunflower Oil (or other HEALTHY Oil)
*2 cups Dried Fruit (see below).

Preheat oven to 300oF.. To blended dry ingredients, add Water, then Honey, Molasses, Oil and Fruit. Pour batter about an inch thick into oiled Pans and bake 1 hr. Reduce oven to 200oF., leave door open slightly and continue to dry Bread for several hours. The LOWER the Moisture that is in the Bread, the LONGER that it will KEEP!
NOTE: You can get these Ingredients from your local Food Coop and/or Health Food Store. If NEED be in an EMERGENCY, you could substitute other comparable and/or various other NUTRITIOUS Ingredients, if the ANY of above are NOT AVAILABLE!

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