Looking for heavy cream lotion base

itsmeAugust 22, 2005

I'm interested in a heavy cream similar to Cetaphil cream. Does anyone know of something similar? Also was interested if anyone has tried making perfume using the fragrance oils? Any tips on that, does it work?

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I make perfume all the time using the fragrance oils. I use perfumers alcohol, which I buy from Snowdrift Farms. The perfume has to "cure" for a few weeks after you make it. I usually let mine sit for about 6 weeks. The longer it cures before you use it, the better it smells. Just be sure you are using cosmetic grade fragrance oils, as they are designed to be used in such products.

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I forgot to say that I have had wonderful sucess with a product I purchase on line from Save On Scents. It is a liquid Silkbase. It is inexpensive, and makes wonderful body sprays, linen spray, etc. It is not alcohol-based like the perfumers alcohol is. To make perfume, real perfume, you would use the perfumers alcohol. If you just want to make a great body or linen spray, give this Silkbase a try.

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