Bath Softerner recipe

Hazel_SCAugust 9, 2003

Below is the bath softener recipe I use. It is a VERY dry looking/feeling mixture, but I've had good luck with it. Sometimes they do crack on the top, but they still hold together fine.

Hope this helps y'all.




2 Cups baking soda

¾ cup citric acid powder

essential or fragrance oil

witch hazel

flowers, herbs, spices of your choice to complement oil (optional)

molds of your choiceÂcandy molds, faster plaster, soap etc.

Mix citric acid & baking soda thoroughly in bowl. In a separate bowl mix any flowers, herbs, etc. with scented oil, then add to baking soda mixture & stir well. Use a spray bottle to apply witch hazel to mixture. (Approx. ½ oz. per .batch.) Spray a little on, then mix, then spray again. DO NOT GET THE MIXTURE TOO WET!! Mixture should be slightly gummy.

Make sure to scrape sides & bottom of bowl to get all ingredients mixed well.

Mixture is ready to mold when a handful pressed together stays together when

released. Pack mixture FIRMLY into mold, being careful NOT to overfill the mold.

Just level with the top is all you need. You want it flat & level with the top-not

heaped at all. Turn mold upside down & tap firmly to release bath bomb.

(You can also tap the mold sharply on its side against the table-just catch the

bath bomb as it comes out). Allow to dry 2-3 hrs & pack in plastic bags, or a pretty jar to preserve scent.

*I usually wait until they have dried about an hour, then I add 1-2 drops of scented

oil directly to each bath bomb to give it a little more oomph.

*Work quickly with this mixture as it dries out rapidly, & it is difficult to mold if itÂs too dry.

*If mixture becomes too dry to mold you can just break into small clumps, & allow to

dry. Use as you would bubbling bath crystals.

*If mixture sticks to mold, just use a dab of cooking oil on a paper towel, & lightly

grease the mold BEFORE placing mixture in mold.

*Citric acid powder should be firmly packed in your measuring cup, just as you

measure brown sugar.

*For a pretty gift mold into small balls about the size of a walnut (or truffle), allow

to rest on wax paper 2-3 hrs (may need to re-shape slightly) & allow to dry

completely about 36 hrs. Place each ball in a small paper candy cup. You can stack

in layers in a pretty jar, or go to a cake/craft store & get the ½ LB or 1 LB white

candy boxes. Pack each box with the little balls for a cute gift. Use 1-2/bath.

(Please put a label on box saying DO NOT EAT!)

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Thanks, Hazel. This sounds relatively easy and not super-oily like the ones I have used. I am going to buy some citric acid and give them a try.

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Thanks for the recipe will try this week, I like the gift idea.

FYI I have been accepted into 4 Holday Craft shows just since Monday!!!! Yeah!!!LOL

I will be busy as @@@@!@$^ getting stock replenished after each show, they are all very large shows but I can't wait.


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Congrats! Michelle
What are you making?

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Hazel - that is the recipe I use! isn't it cool? BUT a warning if you use dried herbs or petals YOU WILL GET FLOATERS (LOL) The 2nd time I used this recipe I put in Calendula and Lavendar - it was soooo pretty and everyone loved them (gave them as little xmas gifts) only my dearest friend had the nerve to ask if I knew that the leaves floated and filled her tub - how we laughed cause I gave them all away and did not try these (I had made the first batch plain and loved the fizzyness) Another friend took hers to a hotel for a lovely weekend with her sweety and (not knowing what would happen) put 3 in the tub at once - lotta whooping and laughing went on as they were taking a bath together in the giant tub -

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I am making oodles of soap loafs cut into 1" thick bars (goats milk base), several clear M&P soaps, decorative soaps (bakery line, Xmas, cello bags w/dinosaurs for kids, festival fish and adorable hearts, butterflys and flowers for little girls), body butter, lotion bars, bath bombs and lip balms. I have been swamped but can't wait.

My revised body butter has been a hit, almost all the recipes I got were to waxy and oily, I love mine, it is alot more work but worth it.

I just made Hazel's bath bombs and love them due to the lack of oil in them so I am making quite few different fragrances in those.

I am really unhappy with my flavor oil person for the lip balms, some of them are really lacking in fragrance and flavor, will be looking for a different supplier b4 next show.


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