No sew tape, durability/removable?

katyajiniOctober 19, 2006

Hi everybody!

I want to use iron-on no-sew tape (stitch wizardary?) to adjust the lenght of some drapery I have.

If any of you have experience with this maybe you would advise me.

1) Does this stuff actually work? Will the hem stay put through machine washing?

2) Does the tape destroy the fabric over time?

3) Is it possible to undo the seal to change the length later?

I am sorry if no-sew tape is anathema on the sewing forum but as I am not so good at sewing and am still debating wether I should get a sewing machine and I need to get this done.

Thanks a lot for any help.


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I've never had much luck with stitch witchery,especially on things that will be washed.Something better to use would be steam a seam 2.It comes on rolls,or you can buy it prepkgd.Can't remember if you can buy it by the yard.With this,you can apply hand pressure to it to adhere it and then when you find the position and everything is correct,you just use your iron to iron it and make it permanent.

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Thank you Kathi!

I had never heard of steam a seam 2. That sounds a lot better. Do think it will work on moderately heavy fabric such as a heavy weight linen?


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For years I used stitch witchery to hem jeans till I (sorta) learned to sew. It held up fairly well. While you could change the length afterwards, unless you shortened them, you would be left with a gunky mess. I would also go with the Steam a seam 2. Joann's carries it, but I don't think Walmart does. It is considered permanent, but I did undo it once when I made a big boo boo, but that was right after I did it. It took a lot of steam, but it worked.

Sewing is very enjoyable, but I wouldn't buy a machine just for the drapes.

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If you plan on washing linen draperies, you should wash them before you shorten them. Linen will shrink.

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I agree with CLT3 and launder/dry clean the drapes before you shorten them.

My mother's custom-made antique satin drapes were floor to ceiling until she had them dry cleaned and shrank 2" (told her to have them made 2" longer to allow for shrinkage, she didn't and said I didn't know what I was talking about until it happened...she never said that one again).

My sheer drapes have been shrinking up slow but sure and will have to lower the hem...they were the perfect height and washed them in too-hot water.

After you get them back from the cleaners, put a panel up to see how much they drew up. Needle and thread should accomplish the can't sew everything by sewing machine.

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Thank you very much folks for all this information. I did plan on washing and ironing before I turned the hem. The reason I am thinking of using tape or getting a sewing machine is because I have I have several rooms and a sunroom of drapes which is over 60 yards of hem. Thats not countings the sheers I want to put in as well. Oh man! what did I get myself into.

Is it hard to learn to be steady on a sewing machine to do hems?

Thank you so much guys.


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Hems are pretty easy. Did you want to just sew accross the bottom, or do you want to do a blind hem? A blind hem is almost unnoticible, but you do have to fold the material first - I keep forgetting how and have to look it up each time I do a blind hem.

If you are just sewing accross the bottom (with matching thread), just put a piece of masking tape on your machine that matches where you want the edge of your fabric to be. Then you just sew - slowly until you get used to it- keeping the edge of your fabric lined up with your piece of masking tape. That way you get a nice straight line of stitching. Let us know what you decide to do, and how it turns out.

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I would also definitely not use stitch witchery on sheers. First, I think it would be visible, and second I'm not sure you could safely get the iron hot enough to fuse without melting the sheers.

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There is a "Lite Steam-A-Seam 2". The box I have says, "Made Especially for Sheer and Light weight Fabrics" and "Apply Delicate Trims and Lace with Ease!". I have it both in 1/4" and 1/2" wide. The box also has the regular Steam-A-Seam in both widths, total of four 10-yard rolls. Got it at a sewing expo, but it's probably available at JoAnn's too. Sticks temporarily when finger pressed, permanently when ironed.

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When we were using no sew tape we laid a large piece of fabric on the carpet and now have a line of glue on the carpet when the tape slipped. How can I remove the glue . I tried steam. It attracts dirt.

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