Can I recoat candles?

ggiraffeAugust 4, 2007

My daughter's wedding is coming up and we are planning centerpieces for tables that use green candles inside some lovely glass vases. In order to save money, she purchased some vivid green pillars on the cheap, but they are nowhere close to the natural green we need to go with the theme. Bayberry or hunter green would work better. My question -- can I melt down some bayberry candles and coat the pillars she has purchased? They only have to last the one evening. Thoughts?

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I would not do it with Bayberry I'm not for sure that would work, Bayberry wax, if infact it's made with bayberry wax and not just colored and sented, is one of the hardest waxes to wick, so by using bayberry it may effect the burn... Most candles you buy on the cheep are made of Paraffin wax, and if you buy a paraffin high melt point wax you can recolor them, but if the candles you have are too dark and you want them lighter, then I would dip them in white wax and re dip in color

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