Couple of problems

clydeskidAugust 11, 2006

When I pour my M&P soaps into the mold, bubbles form on the top (the bottom of the soap). I read somewhere that misting lightly with alcohol will take care of the bubbles. But it doesn't always work. Second, how do you smooth the edges of the soap after they are set? Seems that once the soap is released from the mold, the bottom is concave slightly and the edges are rough and a little lighter color than the soap. HELP!

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I'd carefully tap the mold on the counter or work surface for bubbles. I know with CP soap some people use nylons to "buff" the edges.

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For me, the trick is to keep the bubbles from getting into the mold in the first place. I find it easier and less messy to tap and, if needed, alcohol-mist the pouring container instead of the filled mold. But I found that after switching to a better quality MP base, the air bubble problem disappeared almost completely.

But I have read that if you pour from a tea kettle instead of an "open top" container, like a pyrex measuring pitcher, you can avoid extra air getting in, and thus the bubbles. But I've never tried it.

To avoid the concave/color problem, I "over-pour" just a bit. (Expect the soap to spill out a little around the mold.) Right after releasing them, I flip the bars face-up and run the point of a small knife around the edges to trim, then peel away the excess while it's still somewhat soft.

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