Broken candlestick

LibbyLizAugust 12, 2003

I did a stupid thing by trying to fit a candlestick into a holder not meant for its base size, without shaving the base first.

Needless to say, the candlestick broke where I was holding it; in the center.

Is there a way to fix broken candlesticks? I hope so!

Do I have to throw it into the meltdown pile? I hope not!

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I don't know of any way to attractively fix a broken candlestick. No matter what I have always done to try to repair them, they still always looked crippled. I have melted the broken part a little and mended it back together, and I have even used scotch tape as a temporary fix (LOL). If it is one you were planning to sell or give as a gift, I'd say chunk it in the melting pot. If it is for yourself and not for anything fancy, then experiment with patching it.

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Should I use a hair dryer or a lighter to melt the broken part back together?

Thinking of how I've attached dried flowers to the outside of candles, is it possible to melt paraffin & paint it onto the broken parts & outside the break, in layers, to get the candlestick to stay together?

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I held mine over a lit candle (like you would a lighter) to patch it. You want the wax to get soft, not melt, so it is tricky. Using the paraffin and painting it into the broken parts sounds like a great idea and sounds like it would be much easier than trying to soften the wax into a moldable state with heat. I think I'd give the paraffin painting a try!

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Omg! my brother he broke a really fancy candle stick that I saved from when I was 4 for my 16th birthday and he broke it. What can I do? It is small and has Flowers on top of it. Stupid bro!

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You could also try sticking the pieces together with Tacky Wax. (Available at any craft shop, with a candle-making department.) That is the stuff I use to hold wicks down, when I make jar candles.

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