Foamer bottle question

JoC__SCAugust 12, 2003

Has anyone tried making hunter and fisherman soap in the foamer bottles? I made some last night but since I don't fish or hunt (except for bargains) I don't have a clue.



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Well, I don't know what hunter and fisherman soap is. It sounds interesting, though. I have never used the foamer bottles but have often wondered how well they work. I was thinking of trying to do some shaving foam, but didn't know if the foamer bottles would really foam well. How well do they foam?

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Hi Susan
I love the foamer bottles. Shaving soap is next on my list.
For the hunters soap, I just used the "dirt" fo, and for the fisherman, anise eo with an antibacterial soap base. Those are the fragrances that I usually see listed for the actual soap, so thought it would work for the foamer. Then the hunter/fisherman could just pump some of the foam on to clean their hands. Gotta find someone to test these out.

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Does anyone have tips for removing the top on foamer bottles so that they can be refilled? They aren't a turning type top.
Thanks for any advice.

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