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itsmeAugust 18, 2005

I am new to soapmaking. I have ordered from three of the big suppliers, WWS, Brambleberry and MMS. I was wondering if there had been a posting on rating the suppliers for the quality of their products. I am mostly interested in soap base and especially fragrances. One of the three, I didn't like most of the fragrances that were sent. I don't want to waste my money again. Anyway want to give an opinion?

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The best soap base is SFIC base. It is considered the cream of the crop in the industry. As for fragrances, 80% of my fragrances I buy from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I am not familiar with WWS or MMS. I have purchased from Brambleberry before, but not very often. I was satisfied with Brambleberry's quality; they just don't carry most of the supplies I need. Wholesale Supplies Plus is probably the leading industry supplier. For bottles and jars, I usually buy from Bayousome, as they have the best pricing and very reasonable shipping. As for fragrances, I never know if I will like a fragrance or not so I always order just one ounce to begin with. It is more expensive that way, but keeps me from being stuck with a huge bottle of fragrance that I don't like.

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Oops, When I said WWS, I meant Wholesale Supplies, guessed I messed that up. Where do you buy your base Susan, is there that much of a difference between it and what Wholesale Supplies carries? I have liked the base I got from them. The only thing about their fragrances is having to buy 2 ounces, makes for big bottles and expense if you're not happy with them. That's why I thought I'd try the other two where I could order just an ounce. I was very satisfied with cust service, quickness of delivery, etc. for all three suppliers. But I have to admit I didn't like most of the fragrances that Brambleberry sent me. They just didn't seem very strong. I ordered one of the summer sampler packs, and three or four others. Of the three I think I liked the scents I got from MMS the best. Of course they are all different scents so it's not really a scientific study of course, but I wasn't disappointed in any of their scents like I was the other two. Are there any other nice reputable places to try out for base or scent? I'd like something in the south part of the country if possible to maybe save on shipping. Thanks for any help or info.

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I buy my SFIC base from Acorn Soap and Candle Supply. They have the lowest prices (aside from buying it in huge quantity and having it trucked in from the company) that I have found. I have bought from them for several years. There is a relatively new place that sells fragrance oils- Save On Scents. It has only been around for a couple of years. I have purchased from them before. They have an amazing array of fragrances, and a very impressive line of designer duplicates. However, despite their name their fragrances aren't that cheap. The recommended usage for their regular concentration fragrance oil is one ounce (yes, 1 ounce) per pound of base. The other places (WSP, Brambleberry, etc.) have a usage rate of 1 tablespoon per pound of base. Save on Scents does offer "concentrated" versions, and you also have to make sure you select either cosmetic or manufacturers grade fragrance oil. I always use cosmetic grade FO's.(They are made for skin contact.) As a final note on the Save on Scents fragrances, I am allergic to them and I am not and have never been bothered by fragrance oils from any of the other places, which to me says their FO's have additives the other suppliers don't have. I also belong to several Yahoo groups that advertise co-ops and prebuys. Of course, you buy in fairly large quantities from them (like 16 ounces of FO). As for other suppliers, try kangarooblue.com - Kitty is very reliable and has excellent quality fragrances and supplies at fairly reasonable prices. You might also want to have a look at Alternasense.com. They have a good selection of excellent supplies and are very nice people to work with. Probably my favorite place to buy fragrance oils from is Sweetcakes. They are a little on the pricey side, but I think their fragrance oils are worth every penny of their price. They would be my first choice for fragrance oils.

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Thanks for the sources Susan, what makes the SFIC bases better and worth more money that what Wholesale sells?

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Mostly the ingredients and the great lathering that SFIC has without using any additives. I am allergic/sensitive to detergents, alcohol, and other additives. SFIC base is the only base I can use. It has none of the above in it, except I think that the clear base might have alcohol in it but I am not sure as I do not and have never used a clear base. I just use the plain white base.

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Wow, I checked the Sweetcakes website, one ounce of Angel is $9.00. Wonder why it's so high, are their scents stronger than most other places so you wouldn't have to use so much? I don't mind paying more if I get what I pay for. Why do you like them the best--are their scents true to the real thing, or what. Just picking your brain!

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Their scents are much truer, in my opinion, to the real perfumes. They are also all cosmetic grade. They put a lot of work into the development of their fragrances. Yep, they are expensive, some of them anyway. They are not any more concentrated than other places, as the usage rate is the same. They are just considered the cream of the crop for fragrances.

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Hi, I just want to say the best supplier for fragrance oils I have ever used is Snowdrift Farm. They have their on Chemist. The only thing is they change many of their fragrances seasonally and discontinue them in the smaller quanties. I still want to use them, but can't afford them in the larger quanties. Their Angel fragrance is to die for.

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I've also wasted a lot of my money, as some fragrance oils I've gotten weren't usable. I only make skin care products, and so far "From Nature With Love" hasn't disappointed me. I use to use Snowdrift Farm's fragrance oils, but lately haven't liked the way some of them smell, but when they are good they are really good, but can't afford to chance it anymore.

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Meanwhile, 7 years after the comments were opened on this site, I'd like to add my two cents worth.

MakingCosmetics.com has some great raw materials and ingredients, but they're not great at communicating with customers (meaning, if you're a 'nobody' they tend to ignore you). They refuse to provide smaller sizes than 40lbs of certain materials (and won't even discuss the matter with you). Aside from that, they're prompt in sending your order and the quality of their products can't be faulted.

Lotioncrafter is just wonderful, with a pretty good range and they're always happy to reply to any questions.

Personal Formulator is another excellent supplier.

Ingredients To Die For are wonderful in every respect.

As far as fragrance oils go, I personally avoid anything by Brambleberry. I don't know whether it's just me, but every one of their fragrance oils have a terribly cheap 'plastic' smell to them, which doesn't get any better with being added to products - and I just can't bring myself to inflict that on my customers.

That's about all I can think of. Hope it helps.

SaveOnScents has THE most ENORMOUS range of fragrances I've ever come across, with customer reviews listed right alongside each fragrance so you can have a pretty good idea of what you're getting before you commit to buying. They're also excellent at communicating with you should you have any questions - and they always make you feel welcome.

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