RECIPE: Found recipe for Hollywood 48 hour Diet drink

KAREN MOOREAugust 12, 2001

I have finally found the secret recipe for the Hollywood 48 hr Miracle Drink. I received it from a freebie site to which I had subscribed free of charge and you can also get it free. Anyone who needs this recipe can just contact me at and I would be willing to send it to you as soon as possible.



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Can you post the recipe here, or at least the address of the site from where you got it?

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I hope you guys know that all the diet is doing to you is dehydrating you. You are losing all water in your body not actual fat.

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Hey amanda, thanks for sharing. We really all thought the fat would just drip out of our pores. Glad you were here to clarify.

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My son in law uses that but buys it at the store. Please share the recipe with me cause I know he would greatly appreciate it. It sure comes in handy in a pinch. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi, I would love the recipe. I have lost 23 pound but have about 35 to go. Thanks, Happyseed

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