RECIPE: High Blood Pressure

Barbara_MAugust 28, 2001

I just found out I have high blood pressure and I am looking for ways to cook differently. I have read and made copies of the DASH diet but it seems so high in calories. Also does anyone have any receipes and suggestions for seasoning foods. I know not to use salt. Is there anything I can marinate my chicken in before griling and etc.

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With me, it is not the salt but the amount. I have to have salt due to heat. Try sea salt, or light salt, but do not use no-salt without talking to either your Dr or a dietian. The American Heart Association has a cook book you might get at the library. I use several types of spices that are salt free. Just look at the seasoning section, or check the health food store. It would depend how high your blood pressure is and if a restrictive diet would help. your Dr should be able to give you some guide lines and you can also use just plain oh common sense.

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