RECIPE: Need to lower my cholesterol without losing weight

karen229August 19, 2001

I just found out I have high cholesterol. I am not overweight, if anything a little underweight. Any suggestions on how to lower my cholesterol but at the same time maintaining my weight? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I weigh 270 pounds and have a cholestrol level of 138. My LDL is within normal range. My LDLs were high and my cholestrol was over 200. I also had irritable bowel syndrome. For the bowel syndrome, I began eating a LARGE (I cup dry, 2 cups water) bowl of oatmeal every evening. My doctor attributes the drop in cholestrol to my steady diet of oatmeal.

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jkrall - Thanks for the info on oatmeal. I'm not a big fan of oatmeal cereal, so I'm trying oat bran muffins (recipe is on the oat bran box). I read that if you eat 3 of them a day it will help with cholesterol. So far I'm eating 2 a day and will work up to the third one soon. Actually they're not too bad if you mix in blueberries, just very filling.

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Use Olive Oel instead of other Oels.
You can make Choclate/Oatmeal cookies since you don't have to worry about your Weight.

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You could take 3-4 tablespoons "LECITHIN" a day. It really works. You can buy the granules at a health food store. My husband once had 250 count and in 3 months it was down to 170 by taking this. It can tolerated in tomotato juice. You MUST take this much to make it work. It is a food from the soy family. Completely safe to take. Good luck!

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