Mason Jar Oil!!

mje769August 23, 2005

I want to make oil lamps using mason jars but I am confused to what kind of oil to use. It says to use lamp oil, is this kerosene? What kind of wicks do you use?? The instructions I have says to use pre-assembled wick and ball. I found these online and they come in different lengths, what length would you use for a pint jar? Sorry about all the questions, newbie here. LOL!

Any of your ideas will be very much appreciated!!

Thanks so much..


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The lamp oil that is being referred to is the same oil that you would buy at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store to refill oil lamps. As for the wick length, as long as it is not too short you won't have to worry. I think most wicks are about 12 inches long. Most replacement wicks and even the ball assembly can be purchased at the local hardware store or Wal-Mart. These are the same things that you would use in creating a Mason Jar lamp.

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Marsha, When you use the lamp oil make sure it is ultra-pure. It cost more, but it is smokeless and odorless. I get my wicks at Hobby Lobby. That's the only place in my area I have found them. My wicks are 5" long with the glass holder. They do have some that are longer. The ones I buy are .99. I have made a lot of these for gifts. I like making fall ones. I've used Pottpouri, small pine cones, chunks of corn, fall leaves, small plastic gourds and rose hips. Then I tie homespun material arond the lid and add a rusty star, pumpkin, or heart with some rusty wire.
Good Luck,

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