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rachelrachelFebruary 19, 2007

Someone posted this in the Kitchen forum and I really enjoyed looking at it. This is the kitchen link to normal rooms - some which are quite compact and not perfect, yet still home to those who live there. I appreciated entering these rooms and for a few seconds, "living" in these spaces.

Here is a link that might be useful: normal kitchens

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Thanks for posting this, what a fun site! Problem is I could sit here all day looking...:) Many of the rooms are so quirky and creative, it's a great place to 'snoop' and get ideas. And so nice to see so many small cozy rooms as opposed to the McMansions of today.

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I just went through all the kitchens and what a treat that was. From the primitive to the avante garde. What I really enjoyed was seeing how people 'really' live.

I will be visiting this site more to tour all the other rooms.

Thanks for sharing. The tour made me love our little cottage, it is our home sweet home, "compact and not perfect", but just right for the two of us.


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