Shoulda asked first - adding scent to used wax

lov2gardenAugust 2, 2004

I'm not a candle maker so I should have asked you first before I placed a big order with BCC! I don't use lighted candles because my toddler sons (now in college) wouldn't leave them alone and my kitty cat doesn't seem to know her tail is attached to her and can't keep it out of a flame!

So with great joy, I embraced the whole candle warmer idea and have one going 24/7. A housefull of scent and no flame to worry about.

I started out using Yankee 14 oz jars with one of those pretty cappers with the hole in the middle. I found that after about a week or so, all of the scent "cooked" away and I was left with a jar full of wax which seemed like a huge waste to just throw away.

Then I got a bright idea-why not add scent to the now scentless wax? It would save a bundle! Off went the order to BCC for samplers, closeouts and sniffys. I read that one oz of scent is used for one pound of wax.

How do I add the scent to the jars full of used wax? Just measure, pour it in and give it a stir? Is there something more I need to know? Is this going to do what I hope it will do or did I just make a colossally dumb impulse purchase?

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Haven't ever done it, so no clue.
Never used the candle warmers either (However, fully understand the cat problem-same here...LOL!)

BUT if they melt the wax totally, it can't hurt to try. If it doens't melt the wax totally it could be dangerous as the oil would pool up right over the heat source.

IF it does melt the wax, & you don't like the scent from "pre scented" wax, melt the old wax, pour out, then add some plain wax, melt it then add the oil.

Again, I've never used the candle warmers, so I AM NOT speaking from experience, just taking a guesstimate here!


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I tried the candle warmers that everyone is so crazy about, and I don't like them for the same reason you stated- for some reason the scent seems to burn off, no matter what brand it is, even one of my own, and you are left with a bunch of weak smelling wax. Whether "rebatching" the wax would work or not, I don't know. Since it will already have some oil in it, it may not hold much more fragrance. The wax would have to be completely melted and then the fragrance oil stirred into it quite well- just like making a candle from scratch. Then the candle would need to set up and cure for about a week. Feasibly, you could have a brand new candle or you could have a flop. You may want to consider using fragrance oils in water on the candle warmer. I know people that do that. It is essentially the same as an electric or tea-light fragrance diffuser. The people I know just put the water in something glass and heat resistant (like a coffee cup) and add some fragrance oil, and let it heat on the warmer. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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