RECIPE: Hollywood Diet Recipe

SneekersmomAugust 27, 2001

I found this on another forum, here is the post from :

I have seen all those infomercials and wondered too, but I am feeling desperate to "jumpstart" my healthy eating again and am going to try it... sort of... this is a recipe for the "hollywood diet" that is going around... I picked up the ingredients today and found it hard to get pure juice for the papaya and apricot, as we are not near health food stores, but the ones I did get don't contain sugar, so that's good.. they have apple and pear juice in with them... better than nothing. I am looking toward this as a way to cleanse my system, too. I know Papaya extract can make your system "cleanse" itself... if you know what i mean... you will see a lot of time on the potty... so watch out... this may do that, too.

Hollywood Juice Diet

One cup Papaya Juice

One banana

One-half cup green tea / strongly brewed

One scoop soy protein powder w/spirulina

One-half cup blueberries / can be frozen

One-fourth cup carrot juice

One-fourth cup apricot juice

One-half cup non-fat plain yogurt

One pack sweet & low

Blend all of the above together till smooth. Serve over ice. Recipe yields 2 servings. Drink every 3 hours or less (up to 6 times per day). Try to use juices with no added sugar or corn syrups, as this is the key to losing quickly.

For up to three days you may eat 1 1/2 cups of vegetables and the shake. That is all. Shortly after having your first shake you will become VERY hungry. This is your increased metabolism at work. Try to drink at least three shakes per day up to a maximum of six. After the third day - eat sensibly. Do not overindulge.

Supplement with cup of ANY of the following raw veggies between shakes:

Celery sticks

Baby carrots

Green pepper slices

Mushroom slices

Cherry tomatoes

Shredded lettuce

Yellow squash slices

Do this diet only 2-3 days. This is meant to jump start your weight loss or get off those pesky 5-15 pounds quickly. It is not meant to be continued after 3 days. It can, however, be repeated every 2 weeks or so. As always, check with your Doctor for his or her advice on weight loss and diets.Always!!

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The recipe looks good, however a bit of a hassle to find everything or having to juice that fruit. As for "cleansing" you system, prune juicue with pulp and lots of water will accomplish the same thing. The juice is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals as well.

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I hope you guys know that all the diet is doing to you is dehydrating you. You are losing all water in your body not actual fat.

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