LOOKING for: tasty low/no fat recipe

danielaJuly 26, 2001

I try to cook and eat low fat but I really have a hard time because I can´t find too many recipes (especialy for cakes and cookies) that really taste good.

So I just wanted to know what your favourite low fat or diet recipe that still maneges to be really delicious is.

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In order to eat lo-fat you need to omit meats and the addition of oils in recipes. Have a diet of no fats, no refined sugars and no white flours and you WILL lose weight. Eat whole grains, veggies, fruits, beans and seeds. This is a high fiber way of eating and as a bonus your cholestrol will plummet. When you reach your weight 'goal' have 2 meals a week of anything you want. Refer to drmirkin.com for more info on this way of eating. Sorry, no recipes, just go to the bulk food section to find grains and hit the produce area of the grocery.

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