Pine Tar Soap

CraftyGirl75August 3, 2003

Does anyone have a recipe for pine tar soap with M&P soap? I did a search and didn't come up with anything. Hoping someone could help me out.

I know I can buy pine tar at TSC, but any ideas what else would go in it? I think Castor oil, but what ratios, and what scents?



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Okay - Well, I'm answering my own question, in case anyone has a need for this in the future.

I just did a three day show. Somehow my specialty has become specialty soap. I got multiple requests for pine tar soap and decided to venture into it.

For future referece the pine tar additive (available at tack and feed stores) is anywhere from 5% to 25%. I find it works best at about 9%. Castor oil is a big no no. Forget fragrance - nothing covers that awful pine tar scent. And color would never work. Aloe or Vit E would not be a bad addition.

Uses: Pine tar is an old fashioned soap that Grandpa most likely used. It was often used to treat acne, psoriasis, and as a shampoo to treat head sores/itchiness.

Hope this is useful to someone.

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Yuck. Why would anyone want to use Pine Tar soap? LOL.

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