So is everyone getting ready.......

Hazel_SCJuly 5, 2003

for fall craft shows & Christmas yet?

I haven't done a blasted thing!

First craft show isn't till october, have 2 live & 1 shop type (drop off wed night, pick up sunday) & have to drop off stuff for the holiday festival at the county park, then 2 shows in Nov.

Have 1 item out of 7 done for the park, & can't really do much with soap for the shows till closer to the show time.

I am trying to gear my self up selling on ebay. Just got back from Ebay Live in Orlando, & did learn a few things to help save me money (maybe I should say improve my profit margin) since I sell repeat listings on the same items for alot of my stuff. I think I want to get myself to some of the trade shows & get some new stuff to sell on ebay.

Also have to get the fleece blankets done I have in various stages for lots of folks........guess if I have to I can take them & work on them at the shows........

Just wondered if anyone else was making any move toward fall/holiday stuff, or not.

Hope everyone is doing okay!


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I have started thinking about autumn fragrances for my candles. That's about it. It is horribly hot and humid here and I will be glad when the cooler weather arrives! I have never done a craft show or been to a trade show- they sound like fun but to my knowledge there aren't any around here.

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Hi Hazel,
Have been working on some of mine. More sewing than soaping right now. But I do have some soaps I want to get made. The heat wave has me slowed to a crawl. Love your site.

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