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natalie_rnJuly 19, 2009

Can I just say as being new to candlemaking I am sooo glad I have found a site that you can openly discuss this topic and make referrels to particular companies and brands! Ok, my my first question pertains to scent throw. I am using gb464 soy wax and eco 10 wick in 8 oz jj. I am heating oil to around 170 adding one dye chip and fo at around 160-165. I pour around 130-135. my ct is great, but I really feel like i should have a MUCH stronger ht, esp after reading reviews for the scents I have purchased,(candlescience).What am I doing wrong? Should I heat the wax even higher, 180??? I am doing a ratio of one pound of soy to 1.5 ounces of fo and this is weighed on a dig scale. Any tips for impovement is much appreciated! NEXT question~ I used to buy Home interiors Raspberry Fizz candles all the time. They no longer make them and I am looking for a FO that is VErY close to that! It smelled just like when my mom would bake pies from black raspberries that we picked in woods! one last question, if I get my ht down and decide to sell my candles to friends and co workers ( i am making them for myself at this time, I was spending so much $$$ on buying them all the time) is $6 a fair price for the 8 oz jelly jars? ok, thanks so much, Natalie:)

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You can add scent at around 180 degrees F. But the other variable is tha actual FO you are using. They vary tremendously in their hot throw. You also can not assume that if ONE oil from a particular supplier works well, that they all will. There is a lot of trial & error involved. I started by ordering a lot of small samples of different fragrances, from a few suppliers. I kept a little notebook of what worked & what didn't. How many types of oil & what suppliers have you tried?

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thank you for quick response! So far I have only used fo's from candlescience. The scents I have worked w/ from there are macintosh apple, pumpkin souffle (this was the strongest, but thought it should burn stronger considering it had a great ct), apples and maple bourbon, Hansel and Gretels House, blueberry chessecake, and I think that is it so far. I have a banana nut bread coming today via ups. I have only bought from candlescience so far b/c they are the only supplier that I can find that has reviews for their products AND give ratings for HT for fragrances in soy wax. the fragrances I have bought all had the highest ht ratings, but I am just not getting the ht! Do you recommend any other places to try oils from that will work well in soy wax? Thankns so much again!

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I have had success with some oils from Candle Science, but not every one. I like their McIntosh Apple & Honeydew. I have also used oils from, and

Some more of my favorites, by supplier;
Peak- Bayberry, Pink Sugar

Candlewic-Creamy Vanilla Mint(smells like candy canes), Red Apple peel (I like this a little better than the Candle Science Version) and Lemon

WholesaleSuppliesPlus- Eucalyptus, Vapor bath.

Peak & Wholesalesuppliesplus have consumer reviews.
I hope this is helpful.

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Hi. I have had always gotten excellent throw out of the fos from Gelluminations (Creative Illuminations) & from Early American Candle. Not so much from the ones you guys mention. I keep the proportions of 1:1 (1oz fo to 1lb wax) in soy & palm with very few problems.

Think of charging $1/oz wax + $1 for the container unless you start getting into the really fancy containers (some of the lids alone will dent your wallet). When I try a new container, I go online & look at what others are charging for similar candles. Don't be afraid to drift towards the higher price-- this is your work-- be proud of it & get what you're worth!!!

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Another thing worth mentioning- cure time. How long do you let a candle cure, before you do a test burn? You should let it cure for 1-2 days. More is even OK, but not less.

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