RECIPE: looking for fat free salad dressing

KimGaJuly 7, 2002

Isn't there a such thing as fat free ranch dressing that actually taste good?

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MMMMMMM, good question. Read the ingredients on the 'ranch' bottle and try to come up with no-fat substitutes. There are all sorts of no/lo fat mayos and cream cheeses. If you come up with one, please share!!

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here's a thing called "Basic Low-fat Cream-Style Dressing"

1/4 cup part skim ricotta
3/4 cup plain nonfat yogurt
2 t lemon juice
1/2 clove garlic, grated
1 T minced fresh parsley
1 T minced fresh chives

process the cheese in food processor til smooth, and yogurt, lemon juice and garlic and blend again. stir in herbs.

This is from Diana Shaw's "Almost Vegetarian."

variations are suggested in her book. probably you could ranch this up a little- fat free buttermilk for some or all of the yogurt, chopped dill instead of chives, a little minced onion, maybe

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Personally, I have never found a fat free salad dressing that I thought was really good. My local grocery chain has a FF honey mustard that isn't too bad, but the FF ranch leaves much to be desired. If you like salsa, try using a 1/4 cup on a large salad as your dressing, and top with a tbsp or two of FF sour cream.

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I like the Raspberry Vinaigrette by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont. Wishbone used to make a good fat free Honey Mustard, but I can only find the JUST 2 Honey Mustard now and I don't care for it.

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I make sort of an imitation honey mustard dressing that is lo/no fat. To lo/no fat mayonnaise add spicy mustard (equal parts)I use Guldens brand, but Wal-Mart has the same mustard only cheaper..... Add white vinegar to thin and sugar substitute to sweeten, to taste. Thats it! It's great as a sandwich spred and veggie dip and a dip for sausages. I have added thick drained salsa for a spicer taste. Thats good too!


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A simple no fat dressing I've used is tomato sauce with a little vinegar, salt, pepper, Italian spices or spices of your choice and a little bit of sugar or artificial sweetener. I found the tomato sauce or tomato juice is a good basis to add flavorings to to spruce up your salads so they are not dry.

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I use fresh lemon juice and salt and pepper. It tastes great and here in the south there is always lemon for tea when you are eating out.

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