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goldaJuly 11, 2001

My mom was just diagnosed with diabetes and is overwhelmed. She doesn't know where to begin to locate EZ recipes, etc. Can anyone post some tried and true recipes - my mom and dad like basic foods. THANKS!

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Have her cook and bake as always,just tell her to stop using Sugar and use Nutrasweet and check while shopping anything that ends with ose on the Label is a no no.She can bake using frozen white Grape juice instead of Sugar.
To her Diabetes means not eating anymore instead it means eating all day long but small amounts so the SugarLevel doesn't bounce all over the Place.

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The above poster is right. If she can, have her see a dietician who can help her and will explain what things she can eat. She will be surprised. If she needs support, she can come back here. There will always be someone to listen.

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Contact the American Diabetes Assoc. They have a free catalog they will send to anyone, it contains great cookbooks and exchange list booklets that are relatively inexpensive. One series is called "A Month of Meals" with 5 different cookbooks. Mine is "Month of Meals-Classic Cooking", but they also have "Meals on the Go", "Old-Time Favorites" and many others. My sister's mother-in-law battled for years to keep her sugar under control "on her own". Then her doctor recommended she get some of these cookbooks and her sugar was 120 the first time he tested her after she began using them.

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