Do they have to match?

finallyhomeFebruary 1, 2014

Last year I purchased an approximately 1500 sq ft zero lot line home with 2 bedroom and 2 baths. Before moving in I redid the master bath (picture 1980's with lots of fake marble). I replaced the original vanity with wall mounted modern cabinets from Ikea. Surprisingly, I actually like them. Since it is only me and I very seldom use the drawers I am not that concerned about how they will hold up long term.

I got the same dark brown vanity and top in the guest bath.

I am trying to get a feeling of cohesiveness throughout the house like you feel when you walk through a model home.

Now I am ready to do the kitchen. Do the kitchen cabinets need to be dark brown? Does your cabinetry match throughout your house?

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mine are tho - not by my choice!

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

Mine don't. My house is much older than yours and I had two different visions for the bath and kitchen. I'm starting to think about some cosmetic changes to the bathroom furniture.

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Mine are the same wood, but different stains. I've lived in houses where the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were totally different, and I thought it looked great at the time. Of course that was before the internet and all the decorating tv shows.

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No, I never even considered this. I imagine it is good that there be some cohesiveness, like from the same era or same style of decorating. So you may want to stay with the euro-style frameless cabinet, but you could get kitchen cabs that sit on the floor and are a different color. They maybe should be clean-lined like the bathroom cabs are.

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My last house had the same kitchen cabinets in the bathrooms for the vanities and linen cabinet. Yes it felt cohesive, but I always felt like there were kitchen cabinets in the bathrooms. I like the 'furniture' look though for bathroom vanities and unfitted kitchens so maybe I'm biased.

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I don't think I've ever lived anyplace where the kitchen and bathroom matched. I didn't even know this was a "thing" until this thread.

So my vote would be to get what you like--different cabinets if you like them, or matching cabinets if you like that better.

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Just a comment from the KC area. New home builders here tend to install 'custom cabinets' in all price ranges. This simply means a local cabinet shop makes cabinets to FIT the available spaces,. They are nothing special. Usually, the kitchen ones are stained and the baths painted... with powder rooms finished either way depending on location in the home and closest finishes.

In most homes I've lived in across the country, there is no consistency whatsoever in matching cabinetry.

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No, they don't have to match-- unless you want them to.

I have never heard of that being an issue. Now, i am trying to look back at all the places I've lived, and I am seeing a pattern. LOL. That is probably because most of the places were apartments, and they just slap those babies together with builder grade materials.

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I lived in a new home built in the early 70's for many years; the kitchen and bath cabs matched and were constructed onsite by the builder. He installed the same hardware we picked for the kitchen in the bath; a very cohesive look and frankly, I guess I figured it must be a common practice. I still prefer the look.

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