lye is hard to find

kmathenyJuly 6, 2004

Hi I was wanting to do some CP soap but lye is very hard to come by. Every store Ive went into has said they dont carry it due to the people making meth out of it. Some of them have been rather rude when I ask, is there any mail order catalogs or any stores you know of like a Hobby store or anything, Thanks, Kim

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Gosh, all of our grocery stores and hardware stores here carry Red Devil Lye. I work at Ace Hardware, and we have no restrictions on it. Now, Liquid Fire is a different matter- we were selling it right and left until we found out that it was being used to make meth. Whenever someone would come in and buy a gallon (which would clean out half a city's sewer line), we'd ask them if they were making meth. LOL. The surge in sales dropped and all was back to normal- I guess they went elsewhere to buy it.You will generally find Red Devil Lye in the same section as Drano and Liquid Plumber.

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It may be difficult to find lye on line, because I think there are shipping difficulties with it (regulations to be met) but I am not sure.

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Thanks, Lowes was one of the places I tried, that woman said they werent allowed to carry it cause of the meth makers. There was store workers looking around the corner at me so I felt the need to explain why I was looking for it, she told me she didnt know of any place that had it local. We are in Pocahontas, AR. I did track down a small store about 20 mins away that carrys it behind the counter so you have to ask for it so I guess I will go there. Thanks anyway, Kim

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I was going to suggest trying some of the smaller hardware type stores like ACE. That's were I found it. Also at SOME of the grocery stores, but not all.

Just be careful, some of the brands have little bits of metal shavings in them. NOT good for soap!


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Cant you make it with stove asses I never made any myself yet but just finished reading in a Back to Basics publication which explains the process.I am new to this subject, however I am interested in making some large candles which will afford me enough light to read by.

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Oh Man, I am confusing these two recipes for candle making and soap making.I told you I am new to this subject, I also noticed a typo error that should have read ashes meaning stove ashes. sorry to offend anyone.Guess I am burning the midnight oil too long,so I guess I ll say night, its time for the ole fartsack.

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Oh willy, I got a kick out of that post! LOL. I knew what you meant, though. I make CP soap (just learning) and my husband told me that his mom always made their soap using wood ashes. That was the first I had ever heard of such a thing. Now my interest is piqued.

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My sister found some at a dollar store. Not sure where she gets hers from now. It's hard to find here too. She sells soap making supplies and I checked her website. She doesn't sell that. Probably can't mail it anyways with all the laws they have now. I haven't seen it in a grocery store in ages.

BTW, the store I work at won't sell 99% rubbing alcohol for the same reasons. And the psuedophededrin (can you tell I'm not the pharmacist?) is kept behind the counter for the same reasons.... Pretty sad when you have to stop selling, or start hiding your products, eh?

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I agree. There are a lot of medications that I used to take that I don't take anymore because I don't have the patience to stand in line and wait to ask for it. In my opinion, they should just make them "prescription only" if they are going to act like they are prescription medication. It is also my opinion that hiding the medications used to make illegal drugs will not stop the people from making them. It will just slow them down a bit. After all, gun laws haven't stopped criminals from having guns.

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Summer Bee Meadow carries most supplies. Hope this helps you out. They are located in my area. Although shipping can be expensive they do have everyting.

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I would be wary of trying to make lye out of stove ashes from what I have read it sounds difficult and well as it is unstable.

I started with soap making in late November and was having a ball with all the different kinds that I could come up with. Finding Red Devil lye seemed so easy. Though I didnt not pay attention to the fact that I could only get it in one store in my area. That is until this week when I went back for more and I have been looking in every store I come to to on avail. I finally found some in an off the wall store in a small town. That is when I found out that it will no longer be sold in any of the stores.

You might know that I would pick a new hobby that will be hard to get supplies for.

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This link is to Snowdrift Farm and they sell lye. Scroll down to get a complete explanation of why it is so hard to get. They will ship it, but only in small quantities per box.


Here is a link that might be useful: Snowdrift Farm

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Our Lowes sells a brand that is 100% sodium hydroxide.. Just make sure it is 100%!

Also if you are wanting it in larger amounts you can buy it here: They sell in either 24 or 40 lbs. Last I heard the 24 lbs was about $40 (includes shipping, no hazmat fee required) and 40 lbs was about $60 (includes hazmat and shipping). You have to call them but they have excellent customer service!

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Hi all. Here in Texas - I did find ''Red Devil''- but the label clearly says ''contains no lye''. So, where can we find the lye? I was told, online is the only way to get it. Anyone here from Texas? I would like to here your thoughts, on the subject. Thank you all. Tina_2

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lumierefrere carries lye.

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I had the same problem. I had really started to have a great time making soap and it is a wonderful craft and good for your skin.
I called some local distributors of chamicals and you can buy them there, in large quantities probably, but it is cheaper than order on the Net.

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These government 'regulations' are so STUPID!! Don't they know that those meth people will still be able to buy it or steal it or whatever, it just hurts regular people that want to make soap! They stopped selling Red Devil lye granules in Pa, yet they still sell the liquid stuff. I am SO SICK of these pointless regulations. The meth makers will find ways around it of course, it makes it tough for people who want to use it for non drug usages.

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The only way to exercise your rights is to write your lawmakers. If it's any consolation for every unique letter they get they assume 1000 other peple believe the same way. Sadly we all must work , as Ben Franklin said, to keep our freedoms. But working at writing letters migth turn out to be easier than working to pay taxes.

Good luck and keep praying.

Ps. When the Green and Libertarian parties got some support during Perot did you notice how close the Left and right moved towards each other? Third parties tend to worry the hell out of the two parties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Helping you to change their minds

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i also go to for lye...they're shipping time was pretty insane last time i order from them though. (ive order twice from them, the first time it was the typical 7-10 days) the last time took almost 30 days!!! im not sure if someone was on vacation, or if it was because my order was over $150 in not sure...but i know they carry Lye, but im a little leary to order from them again, especially if im in a pinch and need lye within a few weeks...

Here is a link that might be useful: organic creations

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