LOOKING for: low fat/low cholesterol after heart attack

cardamomJune 29, 2003

I just brought my husband home Friday after his 3rd heart attack. He only eats meat (all kinds)and rolls, rice, potatoes. No veggies other than raw carrots, no salad, and no casseroles or foods combined.


I need ideas for meats and pastas or rice for flavoring. He would eat a greasy burger every night if I let him. He does not try new things and I've hated cooking the last few years. When I work late, I don't feel like cooking a separate dish for myself

I need ideas!

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Here's a link to the Heart Association's recipe site:

Here is a link that might be useful: recipes

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I can relate to how you feel! I'm fighting the same thing. He had a heart attack in Jan. and won't try different things. He hates vegetables. Once in a while he'll eat a little corn that's it. His idea of a balanced meal is anything with lots of sugar. One thing our cardiologist told us was stay far away from ANY kind of red meat (lean or not) and limit the fat to 10 to 20mg. daily. So that leaves fish and chicken and how many ways can you fix that. He's also a steak and potato man so there's another problem. He hates anything with tomato and also won't eat fruit.
Maybe there's a little place in heaven for wives like us who are trying so hard to hang onto our hubby's just a little longer,huh? Don't give up. Just keep trying to fix small amounts of different things so you won't feel too bad when you have to throw it out or eat it yourself and maybe one day our hard headed husbands will wake up and realize that we CARE. Library has lots of things also. Wish I could be more help but it may help to know you are NOT alone.
Thanks for letting me vent my frustration and good luck to you.

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