I'm so upset, I shouldn't use scented anything!

LibbyLizJuly 2, 2003

After seeing a doc yesterday for my yearly GYN thing, I was told because of recurring BV, I no longer can use scented soaps or shower gels & if I do, I can only use it from the thighs down!

I have to use unscented and/or sensitive skin soaps & the doc recommended Ivory or Dove.

If I take a bath I can't use any salts or bubbles.

I'm even supposed to wear only cotton panties, wash such in fragrance & dye-free detergents, & wear loose-fitting slacks/shorts.

This is a bummer because I love my scented & moisturizing stuff!

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I can't use fabric softeners of any sort on my undergarments!

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What is BV? I can't for the life of me (at this time) figure out what that is. I used to be plaqued by yeast infections. Seems like I always had one. Finally, one doctor I went to told me not to douche; said my chemical balance wasn't right and douching was causing the constant infections. I quite douching and the infections stopped. I haven't douched in over 20 years and have never had another yeast infection. My son, on the other hand, is very sensitive to detergents and chemicals. They just tear his skin up- especially soap. We spent a fortune on special soaps, etc. I finally decided to make my own and selected SFIC bases. He has no problem at all with them. I even have to make his shaving cream from their base. Fragrance doesn't bother his skin- thank goodness, because he loves fragrance! It is such a shame that you will have to avoid fragrance. I am like you- love my scented stuff, especially bath products!

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BV = Bacterial Vaginosis

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Libby -
No douching (or douche with diluted yogurt a few times, making sure to use the stuff with live lactobacillus to restore the usual flora ... they can boot the bad guys out if you give them a chance, and it's been a long-recommended low-cost remedy in many Gyn clinics).

Definitely wear cotton or cotton-crotched underwear, no pantyhose (or only occasional pantyhose). Loose flowing clothing as much as possible, and change undies frequently. The goal is to keep the area dry and avoid annoying the skin and membranes. Bacterial infection usually don't have a chance unless you mess up the balance and give them inflamed skin to invade.

Shower, not bath, and keep lotions away from the affected area. After a few months of non-scented stuff, if all is going well, try ONE scented soap and see what happens.

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That's exactly what I was thinking of doing... do & use what was suggested, then try again.

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