LOOKING for: What is your favorite diabetic snack or...

gailsmith_99June 16, 2002

something fairly easy you can buy from the store to eat, whether it is fruit (name your favorite(s) or an easy recipe (1-3 ingredients). I'm trying to get ideas for very busy people that have to buy/prepare for diabetics, also to get ideas of what works for other diabetics. TIA gail smith

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My husband likes bananas, strawberries, and candy containing Splenda--hard to find. As far as diets, he has found that regular diets seem to work better for him as opposed to so called dietic diets. He tries to limit his nutra sweet intake as this seems to make his blood sugar go UP. He uses Spenda in drinks, coffee, tea, kool aid etc. We watch calories and find many candies, cookies, cakes have less calories than dietetic ones. Angel Food cake is good. Hope this helps you. If you want more info let me know

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Angel food cake with crushed strawberries sweetened with Splenda if they are a little tart. I also love grilled fruit. We gill quite a bit so I make a few extras when the grill is going. I especially like papaya grilled also make fresh fruit and yoghurt smooties but you have to keep them small. Just a few raisins or a fig makes me happy. LOL

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Don't forget salty snacks like popcorn, nachos, pickles... As for sweets, I'm just as "bad" as anyone else who doesn't have diabetes. In fact, having diabetes seems to make me crave sweets more than I ever did before (I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 23, not overweight)!

Soon after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I remember reading that once-in-a-blue-moon, for a very special occasion, I could have a SMALL slice of birthday/wedding cake IF I was careful to scrape all the icing off!!! Forget that!

Instead of following a "diabetic" diet, I just try to eat healthy. I prefer a good cheesecake-bite or brownie to any special diabetic snack. The trick is just not to eat too much. But I feel better, more satisfied, with a truly sinful delicious cookie than with a funny-tasting larger snack. Besides, I simply rearrange my carb-intake for the day (all carbs turn to sugar eventually) or even adjust my insulin-dose, or take a longer walk to make up for the extra carb.

But, as for your quest, Jell-o is good, sometimes. Yogurt with all-fruit jam (or granola) stirred in, cheese & crackers, veges w/ranch dressing, PB on graham cracker, beef jerkey... Protein helps stabilize blood sugars.

Remember that Fruit, though healthier than processed sugar, is still Sugar! Good luck in compiling more ideas - I'd like to hear them as well. : ) Holly

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