Real Rose smelling essential oil?

arkansas_girlJuly 2, 2007

Can anyone rec. an essential oil that they have actually tried that smells like a real rose? I just ordered an oil from a seller on ebay and GAG! Smelled horrible and gave me a horrible...I MEAN HORRIBLE HEADACHE!!!!!! I need a seller(website) that doesn't require a HUGE minimum order. OH and while I'm at it I'd like a lavender scent that smells fantastic...hey...I'm not asking for much...just fantastic...HEEHEE!!!!!! I'm assuming that what I bought must have been some cheap synthetic although it was NOT cheap! I paid $9 for a tiny little bottle!

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Well, I hate to break the news to you, but if you are looking to get Rose Otto EO for 9.00, as they ain't happenen. True Rose Otto sells for 120.00+ for 1/3 of an ounce, Rose Absolute is 1/2 the price.
I am assuming you are new to EO, and luckily you have chosen the 2 that can be directly applied to the skin safely. Essential oils are quite powerful and caution must be used when applied topically.
With that said, for decades I have used Frontier or Aura Cacia EO's. I saw on the Aura Cacia site they have Rose Absolute with Jojoba oil for 9.99. They now have all kinds of recipes too. Both Frontier and Arua Cacia web sites have detailed information on any EO.
For the 2 EO's you mentioned you don't have to go to the net, a local health food store should have a aroma therapy section.
Tiny bottles, big price are true EO's.
Hope that helps

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Well the Rose oil I got was "cut" with jojoba oil. I don't care if it's cut...I'd just like it to smell good and not give me a splitting headache. I don't have a store anywhere near me that sells oil that smell even OK. There's one healthfood store and I've already scoured it's shelves to no avail.

I'll try Aura Cacia...thanks.

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The person selling the oil perfume claimed to use only the finest EOs to make their roll-ons with. If that's the truth then I may need to stay away from rose because I can't wear it. My guess is she's using a cheap synthetic...I haven't had much luck with e-bay sellers to tell you the truth(no pun intended! HA!)

Have you heard of natural rose oil giving someone a headache?

I looked at the Aura Cacia site and I believe that is exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks!

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Hard for me to tell without smelling your purchase, or reading the label. I hope it has a label.
Damascena Rose from which Rose Otto is made from is used in the finest perfumes is yellowish in color and is considered a middle note, not a high note like a lilly of the valley sweet. These roses are grown in Bulgaria.

I have not heard of rose allergies, but I have for Lavendar from a friend of mine. Intense migraines she gets from Lavendar. Yet, I can and have poured on a skin burn with no ill effects. ( they used alot of Lavendar in the Civil War for pain and mask the smells)
I will say, one Thanksgiving weekend I made too many body products in a short time with different EO's and I was deathly sick for a day afterwards. (live and learn)
Eo's, even in minute amounts are powerful.
I don't remember the last time I bought Rose Otto or Absolute it is so pricy. The prices are steep enough for my beloved Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Sandalwood.

Never tried Ebay for Eo's I know, trust and respect the two suppliers I mentioned.
I did see a cute wooden encasedRose Otto advertised from Bulgaria when I looked on Ebay after you posted that perked my interest, lol.
I would be intrested, if you want to email me privately the seller you speak of.


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I did email you the seller info. As I look at the add, she claims it's not cut...I thought it had said it was cut with jojoba oil. Must have been another seller. It's probably just cheap synthetic junk(obviously!). I've about had enough of ebay! Bought a watch that was supposed to have been worn only a couple times and it was totally scratched up...argh!!!!! Thanks for your help!

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Sorry to hear you are having bad luck with Ebay. Overall I have had a good experience. The bad purchase was one plant sale. The seller was psycho, sending me 3 page rambling, this is why I didn't get your order right emails daily, when all I wanted were the 2 plants. Ebay warned me I might get booted because I used the letters BS in the feedback!
I didn't get your direct email, my email addy is
Happy 4th!

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So reguardless of what I bought before...does anyone have experience with a good rose oil(or whatever) that doesn't smell perfumy like some old bottle at their Grandma's house? To me a rose smells wonderful but any perfume that's supposed to smell of rose does not smell good.

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