RECIPE: Splenda

Ilene29June 14, 2004

I went to the splanda site and they have alot of recipes.

Some of them sounds good. I have'nt gone thur all of them yet.

some of you may already now about this.


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We love the stuff!

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Thank you for that site! Sent it on to several friends as well. I think Splenda is by far the best sweetener out there.

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I have tried a few of the Splenda site recipes and they have been excellent. I love to bake with the stuff. They are advertising that it is ok to use for children, but I would hesitate to use any chemical with children. But for me, it's great.

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Same stuff that we're all being warned not to use. It would never pass inspection today...well...that depends, of course, who's pals with whom in the higher levels of government. Never give it to children! Never take it yourself! Switch to Stevia....all natural, not chemical. I use the liquid drops: 5 drops in a cup of coffee! Yum!

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