LOOKING for: Low fat chicken casserole

CarolJune 23, 2001

I have some leftover chicken and would like some recipes for low-fat casseroles. Thanks.

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Carol heres one for you if you like italian sauces

I make up a big batch of this tomato sauce and freeze it in serving sized containers.

You can use any vegetables that you have on hand

1 large onion
clove garlic crushed
stick of celery
small green capsicum
small red capsicum
carrot, brocoli
large tin crushed tomatoes
couple of spoons of tomato paste
bottle or tin of tomatoe puree
chicken stock cube
herbs fresh or dry

It doesn't matter if you chop them up fine or chunky, its up to you and what you prefer

Start with the onion and garlic in a big pan with no oil, sweat them, just stir it till onion is clear then add the other vegetables till combined and stir to stop them sticking

Add the crumbled stock cube tomatoes and tomato paste and puree and allow to simmer with lid on pan for an hour or so.
Take lid of pan and continue to simmer until sauce thickens stirring occasionally.

When done you cook up some pasta 10 minutes only drain put it in the base of a deep baking pan. Put leftover chicken on top then the sauce on top and bake in mod oven for 15 minutes.
No fat at all except whats in the chicken!
Also grated low fat cheese sprinkled on top before baking if desired and you can use this with veal and other left overs or just use the sauce on its own for a vegi meal.

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Low fat cream sauce:

1 tbsp reduced fat/calorie margarine
1 tbsp all purpose flour
2-3 tbsp fat free cream cheese (can leave out)
1 cup skim milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt margarine in saucepan. Whisk in flour until combined and starts to cook a little (you are making a roux). Whisk in skim milk, making sure to whisk quickly and thouroughly to remove lumps. I whisk it in a little at a time until it is smooth then add the rest. Allow to come to a boil to completely thicken. Lower heat. Add cream cheese and whisk well until incorporated. Season.

Low fat chicken sauce or chicken gravy:

Same as above except omit the cream cheese if you like and add fat free chicken stock instead of the milk. Sometimes I make it with half milk and half fat free chicken stock, and when it is done give it a small squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Add your chopped chicken to this and warm through, then serve over no-yolk/fat free egg noodles. Very good!

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People don't like to hear this, but skinned dark meat chicken has more 'fat' than about 15 different cuts of red meat. If you must eat chicken eat only the white meat and add only 1/2 of a normal quantity to your recipe. If it calls for 3 cups add only 1 1/2 cups. This will make it 'lower' fat. Meats add fat no matter how you cook it, sorry.

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Low-fat Chicken and Dumplings.

1 (10 ¾ oz.) can low fat cream of chicken soup
3 c. water
6 fat free flour tortillas
2 c. cooked, diced, skinless chicken
salt and pepper to taste

In large boiler, bring soup and water to a boil. Cut tortillas into short strips and add to soup. Add chicken, reduce heat, and cook 8-18 minutes. Stir often.

This is really good!

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