soy wax w/ strong hot throw, & wick ?

natalie_rnJuly 27, 2009

I am currently using gw464, but i was wondering if there is a better soy wax, that contributes to a stronger hot throw? Also, I am using eco wicks 10 in 8 oz jars, and I notice after i have burnt the candle one time, then pick it up to smell it later, all i smell is the burnt wick, I cant smell the fragrance at all! any recommendations for a wick that doesnt do this. This size of wick does burn well in the candle, so I dont want to loose that. thanks, Natalie

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I have gotten good results with GB464 & Eco 10's. So the questions that come to mind are:
How long do you let a candle cure befoe first burn? I would give it 48 hours.
What oil are you using? They do not all work equally well. You have to go through a lot of trial & error to find the ones that work. I recommend keeping a little notebook to keep track of what works & what does not. Also, try things from different companies. No one company will have equally goud results with every oil they sell.

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