LOOKING for: diet pasta lunches & breakfasts

BugsJune 4, 2001

I love pasta and bread and although Ive cut down I still cant seem to get enough. Id like some recipes for pasta lunches that arent to high in calories as well as some breakfasts that involve eggs or bread that may be low cal as well. I dont need to loose to much weight just to fit my existing clothes better before buying more. I love any kind of food.

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for the pasta simply blend together tomatos, salt, a clove of garlic (if you like), a leaf or two of basil, a drizzle of olive oil.
very simple and def. won't make your gut grow out of your pants!!

You can eat this with hot or cold pasta.

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If you 'must' have pasta buy the whole-wheat kind. White flours are deadly to those trying to lose weight. Omit them
For breakfasts find lo/no fat granolas and 1/2 or 2% milk, and have 1/2 to 3/4 cup of that. Good luck.

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Oops, for got that lo-fat yogurts with lo-fat granola is a great breakfast, too.

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