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wax_hagJuly 27, 2006

I have so many recipes that I have found and have now confused myself.

I am looking to make a balm for babies bottoms to create a barrier between wet diaper and bottom. I have one recipe that I kind of like (don't know why)that consists of Mango, Shea & Aloe Butters and Beeswax. Does this need a preservative in it? Possibly add some Vit E. Also I want to be able to package these in a 4 oz PET jar.

Were talking our precious babies here so I want a recipe that will be healthy to them and need to be able to get it out of the jar as well.

Any suggestions are appreciated and TIA.


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If the recipe contains no water it will not need a preservative.


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i would be especially careful about selling products for babies. no essential oils or rag weeds in the products. in fact, i would not sell baby products at all. what a huge responsibility. make sure you have researched and are careful and have insurance.

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