LOOKING for: Smoothie Recipes-Fruit Juice to Sweeten?

rob333June 10, 2003

Anyone know a good smoothie recipe that uses fruit, yogurt and ice (no Splenda, Aspartame, honey, etc.)?

I never eat breakfast because I can't find anything I like that doesn't take an extra hour to make. I like the new fruit smoothie things on the market, but they are full of sugar. One brand has 50g of sugar! I feel terrible after all that sugar, but I think I if I modified them, it would be a good thing for me.

If I could find a recipe that used fruit to sweeten them, I could eat more often and speed up my metabolism and be less likely to eat the vending machine junk.

Please help? Thanks!


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Can you tolerate fruit juice? I often make smoothies with apple or orange juice as part of the liquid. For fruit I usually use frozen strawberries and bananas, then also some yogurt.

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Would you consider using fructose? It is a natural sugar, you use much less than table sugar and there is no aftertaste. Or apple juice concentrate. Either in small amounts should give you the sweetness that you want.

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My 11 year old daughter had to have her mouth wired shut for a month after a car accident. We made lots of smoothies and the one we liked the best was just this:

Orange juice
frozen Strawberries
frozen Bananas

We peeled the bananas and froze them whole and bought pre-frozen strawberries. You could add yogurt if you wanted to.


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I always freeze fresh bananas, strawberries and blackberries. In addition to the recipes listed I like frozen blackberries and diluted cranberry juice. I find if I use regular strength it is a little to overpowering. I dilute with a few ice cubes, into which I've frozen blackberries. But I still put more blackberries in.

I also like to freeze left over coffee in icecycle trays to make my own granditas. Try this sometime with not only frozen coffee but a few of those frozen blackberry ice cubes. Yum


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I put any very ripe bananas in the freezer for just such a time as this. any combination of banana, blueberries, strawberries-(any berry), (actually any fruit you like), add a cup of flavored or unflavored yogurt in a blender for a few seconds makes a great smoothie. The frozen banana takes the place of ice and it becomes nice and thick.

I suppose I would not use any melons because of the consistancy!!

I also really enjoy putting 3 tablespoons steelecut (uncooked) oatmeal in a container of yogurt-any flavor- let it set overnight, and eat for breakfast. It's chewy enough to be satisfying and so yummy.-provides good fiber, too.

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