wax myrtle ... wax

bigeasyjockJuly 8, 2005

I have lots of wax myrtle growing on the land in Ms. and want to try to make wax from the berries. I've seen info on some sites but wonder if any one has any first hand experience out there????

The wax produced it supposed to be of a very high quality and I do know its expensive in its pure form!!!!

Thanks Mike

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I have never heard of wax myrtle. Another resouce you might want to try may be one of the gardening forums here. Sorry I can't be of any help, perhaps someone else will come along. I just didn't want you to think no one read your post.

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Thanks Susan for the holler ;o).
Wax myrtle is Myrica cerifera.
I have read articles where the early settlers would use the wax of the berries to make candles and have seen this wax for sale somewhere on the web and it wasn't cheap. I would like to make this wax for my own use and again while I've seen directions for doing so on the web I would like to hear someone say, "Yep I've done this and it works." 'Course at that point I would pick their brains for details and ideas of use ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wax myrtle

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It sounds interesting. I hope you find the information you are looking for! Good luck with your quest for information.

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I make candles (paraffin, soy & palm wax) and wanted to make my own bayberry wax but the myrtles do not grow in my area. I did however find this site when I was doing my research. It gives instructions on making your own myrtle candles.


Here is a link that might be useful: Making Bayberry Candles

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Thanks Monte. Thats exactly what I was a needin'. :o) Now I just must be watchful for berries! ;o)

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I am learning something- so, Bayberry comes from Myrtles? Bayberry is one of my favorite candle fragrances; I never thought about what Bayberry actually was.

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I have heard of using wax myrtle. But....it takes a lot
of berries to make it worth your time. I have a friend that used it and found it was very labor intensive for the yield you get....

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Wax myrtle in the south, bayberry in the north, and I think california wax myrtle in the west. They're also called tallow trees, wax trees, candleberries... haven't made them, though if I can find enough berries this fall/winter I plan on it. I believe it takes something like 4 lbs of berries for 1 lb of wax.

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