soap scent question

sionnanriverJuly 12, 2006

Can I used scents meant for soap to add fragrance to lotions? Thanks!

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I think you can. As long as it says that it is safe for 'bath & body'.

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Agreed, It must say Skin safe. And some scents can only be used in a certain percentage because it remains on the skin, unlike soap that washes off the skin...

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The amount of scent shouldn't be different for lotion or for soap. Although there are some benefits of some EOs. In fact, I would use less scent for lotion; you wouldn't want to wear it as perfume.

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Some fragrance oils can ONLY be used at certain percentages that are directly applied to the body and NOT rinsed off.
It would be good to know that information.
I'm pretty sure that any reputable supplier selling fragrance oils that are skin safe would tell you if they needed to be used at a lower percentage in skin direct/staying products.

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There are maximum amounts of scent that can be used for skin products.

For Example; methlugin (sp?) is limited in how much of this chemical can be present in the different scents that may be used. sorry, I don't remember the details.

Clove EO (if memory serves, which stands out as one of the biggest culprits) has this chemical, among others. I am not a chemical kind of guy and the explaination of the hows and whys are too involved for me to relate(let alone remember).

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