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tina_2July 26, 2006

Hi all. Just found this recipe. Has anyone, ever tried it? I wanted to make it, for my grandson. Plmk. Thank you - Tina_2

Bath Crayons

1 3/4 c Ivory Snow powder

food coloring

1/4 c water

1.Mix water & soap flakes together.

2.Add food coloring until desired color & put mixture into an ice cube tray.

3.Allow to harden.

4.Break or cut into pieces.

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Hi Tina,

No, I haven't made these.

I am hoping that you are going to make these from your soap scraps and not Ivory.

I am thinking that these are used on the tub wall and not the skin; for I wouldn't think that they would show up very well on skin.

It would be good to have them in a cylindracal crayon shape rather than an ice cube shape.

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