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eileen_launonenJune 25, 2002

Looking for a site to chat with others on low carb diets such as Suzanne Sommers or Atkins PLEASE SHARE TIA

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I haven't really looked, but you could try using a search engine (I like askjeeves.com or yahoo.com) to find what you're looking for. Also, I just found a site where the people are very supportive of dieters (and parents, and crafters, etc.). It's familycorner.com. You just sign up and go to the message boards and find a topic. Then you can post a thread and usually get a reply the same day. I hope this might help you out!

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Thanks but i went back to the no fail Weight Watcher program this business of eating a pound of bacon and a block of cheese is not for me! LOL

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Join us over on the Diet forum here at ths. There are several of us WW folks over there. I'm in week 6 and doing great after a history of no loss. I think a balanced approach is always better than the diets that are all of one kind of food and little of another.

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I don't know all that much about WW, but I have had good results with the ketogenic/Paleolithic diet first mentioned. It was hard to get started, like most dietary changes, but now its habit. I have not found many chat sites for it, but if you have already gone back to WW I guess it doesn't matter too much. It seems to work pretty well, after being on the Paleolithic diet for two years I have lost ~60lbs, decreased my serum cholesterol and triglycerides, and become a really good cook (I think I remember what eating out was like ;) ) If anyone would like a friendly ear,... I guess we should all just be thankful these diets are self-imposed only for dropping the pounds rather than required for severe health problems. Good luck, whatever you choose.

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