RE: Witch hazel hydrolat ?

tina_2July 26, 2006

Hi all. I found this recipe & wanted to try it. But , I have no idea what the, witch hazel hydrolat is. Can anyone, tell me? Is it, the same as witch hazel from the grocery store/ dollar store? Plmk. Thank you - Tina_2

Bubble Bath

liquid soap (unscented)

witch hazel hydrolat

almond oil

coconut oil

Vitamin E

blue food coloring

EO's: Lavender, clary sage, palmarosa, ylang- ylang,few drops of cinnamon.

It is relaxing and warming to the muscles.

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A little late posting but I just noticed your question and have the answer. Hydrolat is normally the "water" or leftover liquid from steam distillation of an essential oil. See link below. So... the question is how literal and accurate was the use of the term in this recipe? If very literal and precise then you have the answer. If it's a generalized use of the term then it could just be a low level witch hazel dilution readily available in the market - I would guess no more than 5-10%.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Steam Distillation Process Diagram and Description

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