I need a lotion bar recipe w/o beeswax

angiepangieJuly 1, 2013


Does anyone have a lotion bar recipe that does not contain beeswax, or any scented oil? I am looking for something that also absorbs and doesn't leave a greasy feel.


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You need a wax to give a lotion bar the right texture. You could use soy wax, though your bar will be a bit softer. BTW, why don't you want to use beeswax?

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Hi Sara, thanks for your reply. The reason I don't like beeswax is the smell. I made lotion bars for everyone last year and grating the was was very um fragrant. It gave me migraines. I got the wax at sprouts.

This year I got a small block of wax from a local bee keeper to make paw was for the dogs, and while it was less smelling still a bit much.

I have very sensitive sense of smell and the smell of floral/honey coming from the beeswax was too much for me.

What about using shea? It seems pretty dense. I tried coco butter- too fragrant.

thank you :-)


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You can use shea as the butter component of your bar, but not as a substitute for the wax. It will not be anywhere close to hard enough to form a bar.

BTW, another way to go with beeswax is to buy cosmetic grade beeswax pearls. Less aroma and no need to grate them.

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I have used soy wax, 1 part soy wax, 1 part coconut oil (unscented) and 1 part grape seed oil. It is still on the greasy side but my customers like it. I would also like one that isn't as greasy, will be following this.

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