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mysticJune 10, 2002

I am on a diet that requires that you eat nothing with sugar or yeast in it, as I have a yeast infection. I can eat most meats, but can't add any of the things that you normally baste your meat in. Has any one got any recipes to make the meat taste better when you cook it.

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I always like just some Lawry's seasoned salt sprinkled over chicken or roasts, but I can't say for sure if it has sugar in it. How about some Mrs. Dash or something like that with lots of different seasonings in it. I've also heard that eating yogurt is supposed to help if you have a yeast infection, but get the sugarfree kind if you can't have sugar.

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Try horseraddish and tomatoe with beef, coconut and pineapple with pork, and rosemary and garlic with chicken. Adding shrimp to most beef dishes complements the flavors. Also, most herbs will add wonderful flavors to high fat dishes (capasicum and other flavorings are fat soluable).
Hope this helps,

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I hope that you know that food that is starch will turn to sugar in your system. Like corn, beans, potatoes, etc. Go to or in your search window put HealingCrow, or SCDiet and you will get links with a lot of recipes to stay away from starch.

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I bake my chicken by coating with coconut oil (it's actually
kind of hardened but melts) and then I sprinkle
with red pepper flakes.

I pan-fry my steaks as I always have, in olive oil and

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