Using Container wax for pillars

JentzJuly 31, 2013

I have a big box of soy container wax and I'd like to try to use it for making pillar candles. I was wondering if there are any additives or anything of the sort out there that can be used to harden the wax enough to be used as pillars. I read online you can add hot glue sticks to the wax to make it hard enough for making pillars, has anyone tried this and how did it work?
Any tips, suggestions and ideas are welcomed. I'm willing to experiment a little to figure this out. Before buying more wax I'd like to use what I already have up.

Thank you for any help in advance! :)

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I would not recommend that, as the glue may be unsafe when burned. You could try mixing it with beeswax, which is much harder, but also natural.

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How about using Vybar or Stearic Acid? I read those additives harden wax. I bought some stearic acid today to experiment with.

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I hadn't thought of those, but definitely worth a try.

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Well, hopefully it works. It'll be nice to be able to use up the wax I currently have. I'll let you know how it works incase you ever need to try it :)

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