Singer 6038 needle thread tension dial

Mike405October 8, 2005

Help please. I have a Singer 6038 sewing machine and the kids took off the needle thread tension dial and I'm not sure how it goes back on. There are 4 metal clips, a spring and the dial itself. I'm just not sure in which order the 4 metal clips go back in there and which way they need to face. I have the instruction book but it doesn't have any information on how this goes back together. If anyone knows how they go on or has a good repair diagram link please let me know. I really don't want to take the machine to the repair place just to pay someone money to screw the knob back on.

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I think there's more to it than just screwing it back on.It's gonna have to be reset.So your best bet is to take it to the shop!!!
Sounds like a talk with the kids should happen also,they need to learn not to touch your machine unless you're in the room or have given them permission to do so.All of my kids and grand kids know that my machines are off limits to them,as are my scissors and numerous other things in my sewing room.
Good luck,hope they can get it fixed in a timely manner and without too much cost.

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SO Mike405 did you get that tension fixed??

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