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Pattico1June 5, 2001

Hi my name is Patti I am new to diabetes and am looking for some good things to eat that fit into a diabetic diet. Do any of you have any good ones.

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I am an insulin-dependent diabetic myself. There are literally thousands of recipes on the web as well as many good sites which can give you valuable information to supplement what you may have already received from your doctor or diabetician. One which is very valuable is the American Diabetes Association site, for which I am providing the link. Also you can go to and type it "sugar free recipes" and "diabetic recipes" and you will get oodles of recipes.
Please note, however, that all recipes must fit into your food exchange plan, so those recipes that are just billed "diabetic" and have no exhanges turn out to be pretty useless unless you know how to do the calculations yourself, which I find rather difficult. I am always amazed at people who post diabetic recipes without exchange information.
There are also several diabetes forums which offer support and information exchange. Feel free to email me if you want additional information.
I wish you good luck with your new diet. If you acquire good habits now for managing diabetes you can be successful in avoiding a whole bunch of complications down the road. This is one disease in which you yourself can have a direct beneficial impact by controlling your sugar levels through diet, exercise and/or medication.
And a hearty and warm welcome to THS!

Here is a link that might be useful: ADA

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Please send me a Weight Watchers Newsletter.
Send me any info about recipes.

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